Innovative Way to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Among the environmental protection methods, with the direct air capture technology, which is relatively new, carbon dioxide gas is extracted from the air captured by the filters, and the carbon dioxide-free air is returned to the atmosphere. Climeworks' new facility in Iceland carries carbon dioxide filtered from the air underground. Here, natural processes mineralize the gas and turn it into carbonate rock. Carbon dioxide is thus permanently eliminated from the atmosphere.

It will operate 7 hours a day, 24 days a week, and every year 4 thousand tons of carbon dioxide gas will be filtered from the atmosphere. 80 thousand trees are needed to clean this amount from the atmosphere naturally.

The Volkswagen Group, of which Audi is a member, aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the entire production and value chain by 2025 percent compared to the 2015 level by 30. Going further than this promise, Audi aims to reduce the amount of carbon from the atmosphere as much as the carbon it produces, in other words, to become a carbon neutral brand by 2050. - Hibya

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