Istanbul Rumeli University Additional Quota and Scholarship Opportunity

Istanbul Rumeli University announced that students who will come with additional placement will be able to benefit from scholarship opportunities. In the statement, it was stated that 50 percent of the scholarships will be awarded in addition to the scholarship rates that the students are entitled to.

In the statement made by the university on the subject, it was stated, "In the additional placement period, if the students enter Istanbul Rumeli University in their first 5 preferences and settle in, they will be provided with scholarships between 50 and 30 percent in addition to the scholarship rate they are entitled to. '' Istanbul Rumeli University Counseling and Candidate Relations Manager Tuba Uçar said: “With our experienced academic staff, our wide range of undergraduate and associate degree programs, our double major and minor opportunities, our career English program and the system that opens the doors of the world to them with Bluecard, our students are qualified and we provide a quality education. In addition to all these, we are waiting for our students who will come with uninterrupted scholarship opportunities and additional placement.

Stating that it has a wide range of scholarships and that these opportunities are offered to all students by Istanbul Rumeli University, Tuba Uçar said, “The guide has not yet been announced by the OSYM for candidates who will choose. Students who will make their choices according to the vacancies available in the guide will have all scholarship opportunities. +5 Preference Scholarship for all students who chose our university in the first 30 choices and placed in the Psychology Department affiliated to the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences with the OSYM Success Scholarship, and +50 Preference Scholarship for students who are placed in the Department of Aviation Management at the same faculty. we will provide support. We also offer free education in the English Preparatory class to our students who have completed the Aviation Management undergraduate program. Likewise, +50 Preference Scholarship will be applied to all departments of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Art and Design and Faculty of Health Sciences. ''

Providing information about Vocational School scholarship opportunities, Uçar; 'Within 10 programs affiliated to the vocational school, at the rate of +50; We provide scholarships ranging from +16 to +50 within 30 programs affiliated to the Health Services Vocational School. ''

About Istanbul Rumeli University:

Istanbul Rumeli University is a foundation university established in Istanbul on April 23, 2015. To bring in the scientists who have a modern and universal mindset, who are well aware of the love of homeland and the value of national values, in line with the Rumeli Philosophy and who are in need of the society; It aims to be a higher education institution that aims to educate knowledgeable, contemporary, well-equipped, experienced, beneficial to society, researcher youth. Istanbul Rumeli University provides education in the Silivri, Haliç and Bostancı Campuses in the 2020-2021 academic year, 5 departments at 18 faculties, 16 programs affiliated to the Vocational School of Health Services, 10 programs affiliated to the Vocational School, 10 departments affiliated to the Graduate Education Institute. It is planned to open the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Law in the academic year of 2021-2022. - Hibya

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