How to Create an İşkur Profile? How to Search for a Job through İşkur?

İşkur is a government agency that offers job opportunities to many citizens seeking employment. Since the day it was founded, this institution has opened a new job door for thousands of job seekers. It has a wide staff network, from newly graduated students to women who have been housewives for years.

The first step in looking for a job is registration. Job seekers who want to benefit from the services of the Institution must register as a member of the Agency portal or by applying to the Institution units in person. Complete and accurate information about both the vacant job and the job seeker is essential for a successful match. It is very important for those who will register on the internet or through the staff of the Agency to fully and accurately reflect the information about themselves in their placement for the appropriate job. For this reason, please enter your personal, contact, education, profession and other information completely and accurately into the system. Your registration is not activated without entering educational and professional information in your resume.

Conditions of Registration

Job seekers must be over the age of 14 in order to register with our institution. Declaration is taken as basis for registration. No responsibility can be imposed on the Agency for the statements being untrue.

Disabled Registration

Disabled; for any congenital or delayed reason; Those who have difficulties in adapting to social life and meeting their daily needs and who need protection, care, rehabilitation, counseling and support services due to the loss of their physical, mental, spiritual, sensory and social abilities at various degrees, the second and “Annex-1 Disability Health Board Report for Adults”, “Annex-2 Report of the Health Board Report for Adult Terror, Accident and Injury”, “Annex-3 Special Needs for Children Report ”and / or“ Appendix-4 Report on Terror Accident and Injury for Children Health Committee Report ”.

It is obligatory for those who wish to register as disabled on the Internet to submit their health board report to İŞKUR Provincial Directorate / Service Center and have their status approved. Disabled people who do not have the approval process will be treated in normal status. Those who have the information that they cannot work in any job in their reports will not be registered with disabilities. In periodical reports, taking into account the date of the report, the job seeker registration will be automatically converted to normal by the system starting from the date of the removal of the disability level, and if a new report is brought about the continuity of the disability, the disabled record will be updated in line with this report.

Former Convict Record

Provided not to be convicted of crimes against the security of the State, crimes against the constitutional order and its functioning, crimes against national defense, crimes against State secrets and espionage, sexual assault or sexual abuse of the child, even if pardoned; who have been sentenced to one year or more in prison for a crime committed intentionally or regardless of the duration of the sentence, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy, bid rigging, rigging the performance of the act, assets arising from the crime of those convicted of laundering or trafficking; Those who have completed their sentence, those whose sentences are suspended, those who have been released on probation, those who benefit from the probation will be deemed ex-convicts and will benefit from the provisions of the relevant legislation. Persons who wish to register as ex-convicts over the Internet must submit their documents to İŞKUR Provincial Directorate / Service Center and have their status approved. Ex-convicts who do not have an approval process will be treated in normal status.

Registration Procedures of Those Who Have Priority to Send Right

Those who will apply to the workers' demands of the public institutions and organizations with priority, must submit their documents regarding the priority right ownership to the Provincial Directorate / Service Center of İŞKUR and have their status approved. Priorities who do not have approval will be processed in normal status.

Validity Period and Cancellation of Records

The active processing period of the records is twelve months from the last transaction date. Job seekers whose registrations have been canceled can log in to the Agency portal over the internet and activate their registration from the "Job Search / Registration Status" menu or contact İŞKUR Provincial Directorate / Service Center personally, by phone, fax, e-mail, etc. If they apply through communication tools, their records are activated by the authorized Institution personnel as of the date of application. Records that are not processed during the active period of operation or become passive for other reasons will not be considered active until they are updated by the job seeker.

How to Create an İŞKUR Profile?

İŞKUR profile creation processes You need to log into the official website of İşkur or apply to İşkur centers. By registering with İşkur, it is possible to find the most suitable job according to their profession and education.

Steps to be followed to create an İşkur profile:

  • In order to create an İşkur profile online, it is required to log in to İşkur's official website,
  • After entering the site, click on the internet branch field on the left side of the page.
  • It is necessary to click on İşkur E-Devlet branch on this field. The registration page is opened through this field.
  • From this page, it is necessary to click on the Job Seeker section on the left side of the page and from there click on the Sign Up section.
  • After entering the membership information for the job seeker, it is necessary to read and accept the membership agreement on the page.
  • Then the credentials must be entered correctly and completely.
  • After entering the information and completing the steps, the profile creation of the worker is completed.

How Do Employers Create İŞKUR Profile?

Employers to create İŞKUR profile it is especially important for finding workers who meet the criteria it demands.

Steps for employers to open a profile on İŞKUR:

  • Employers are required to log in to From this area, click on the membership tab in the upper right corner of the page.
  • The general conditions of the İşkur registration page should be read and accepted through this field.
  • After the approval of the general conditions, the requested Social Security Institution number, tax number information, fields of activity, legal information, company establishment date, address and contact information must be entered completely and correctly.
  • After entering the necessary information, the employer's İşkur profile will be completed.

How to Make İşkur Status Active?

After creating your profile, you can review the steps below to activate its status:

  • Activating your İşkur status You must first login to the system. You can login from the "Job Seeker" section.
  • After logging in to the system, click on the "CV" link.
  • Activate the "Job Search Status" section under my personal information.

When you activate the status, make sure that all parts such as education information and job information are filled, otherwise you may encounter a warning.

Job Search Through İşkur

Those who are looking for a job to work with a worker status in Public Institutions or Private Sector Companies become a member of the system either through the Interet Branch or the closest Provincial Directorate of İŞKUR, and after registering their resumes, using the Internet Branch;

1- They can directly access job postings matching their personal information,

2- By entering various criteria, they can search for domestic job postings, apply for postings that match their personal information,

3- By entering various criteria, they can search for job postings abroad, reach the contact information of employers who want to send workforce to their workplaces abroad and contact them directly,

4- Officer postings they want to have information, etc. As such, they can access other job postings that are outside of the scope above.

You can access job postings here

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