How to Open an Account with İşbank Video Call?

Turkey Business Bank, without the need to visit a branch provided via İşCep application, "I want to be customer" service by adding the account opening feature with video calls individuals to provide the convenience of being a quick and easy experience with customers from the mobile.

During the extraordinary pandemic period we are in, within the scope of this service, which is of great importance to protect the health of individuals and branch employees, after downloading İşCep on mobile phones, you can fill out the digital application form on the application login screen and make video calls with customer representatives. After the video call, an account is opened with a single signature on the signature form sent to the address specified during the application via courier.

With the new feature of İşCep, video calls can be made 7 days a week between 09.00-22.00 hours. Thus, in addition to the İşCep application, which offers more than 360 transaction options with the account opened without the need to go to the branch, all banking needs can be met with the fast and easy services of İşbank with Maximum Mobile, Internet Branch and Bankamatik devices.

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