9 Awards to Ford Otosan in Occupational Health and Safety

9 Awards to Ford Otosan in Occupational Health and Safety
9 Awards to Ford Otosan in Occupational Health and Safety

Ford Otosan has been awarded in 9 different categories in Europe this year by the "President Health and Safety Award (PHSA)", the traditional Occupational Health and Safety Awards organization of Ford Motor Company.

Acting with the priority of occupational health and safety (OHS) in all its operations, Ford Otosan continues to be appreciated for its successful work in the global Ford world. The Health Units of the company, which meticulously carried out its planning by prioritizing the health of the employees from the very beginning of the pandemic process, also played a critical role in this extraordinary period, with planning and interventions covering all of more than 10 thousand employees. These studies, which were carried out in a programmed and planned manner, were crowned with an award by standing out globally.

The “Occupational Health and Safety Leader of the Year” award went to Ford Otosan Deputy General Manager Cem Temel, while the “Occupational Health and Safety Professional of the Year” award was given to Ford Otosan Health Hygiene and Ergonomics Manager Dr. Gürsel Gökmen became.

The "Life Saving" achievements realized by the personal initiatives of the employees in the production facilities were given to Ercan Taşkın and Tekin Bingöl with two separate awards.

Ford Otosan also FST with 10 secure and develop ergonomic laboratory for the test project "Non-Production Area Security Innovation Award" while the owner of the nude, Turkey given safety culture seminars throughout the 'safety culture project for Life "and" Production Safety Awareness and Participation Award " was awarded.

Ford Otosan Yeniköy Factory was also deemed worthy of the "Innovation in Production and Ergonomics Award" and the "Excellence in Industrial Hygiene Award". In addition, “Vehicle Operations - Lowest Loss Zammoment ”won the“ Best Factory ”award with its success. Yeniköy Factory, awarded this important award the lowest loss between 2017-2019 zamwith a case-of-moment (LTC) rate (0.073).

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