Transferable Communication Center Agreement Entered


A contract was signed between the Ministry of National Defense and ASELSAN for the supply of the Deployable Communication Center needed by the Naval Forces Command and entered into force.

The İEMM will be used as an alternative to the existing communication / news centers of the Naval Forces Command, to serve the operational needs in extraordinary situations (due to war, natural disasters and various reasons).

With the IMM, which will be designed and produced by ASELSAN, a system with higher mobility, faster installation, faster commissioning, and a more technologically capable system will be brought to the Naval Forces Command.

ASELSAN Communication Solutions

  • Communication capability in X Band, Ku Band or Ka Band in satellite coverage area
  • System solutions suitable for all platforms: Land, Sea, Air
  • Automatic and Dynamic Network Management System
  • Communication in all terrain conditions
  • System architecture open to expansion in line with user requirements
  • Common subunit / device and standard interface usage
  • IP Based, Open / Encrypted Voice, Data, Video, Image and Fax Communication
  • High confidentiality and reliability
  • Connection with military / civilian terrestrial networks


  • Creating satellite communication system solutions specific to user needs
  • Satellite Communication System Design
  • Design of System Control Centers and Satellite Communication Terminals and Units
  • Integration to Land, Naval and Airborne Platforms
  • Satellite Communication System logistic support and maintenance

Source: defenceturk

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