HÜRJET Simulator Will Take Its Place In Teknofest For The First Time

Turkish Aviation and Space Industry will take its place in TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, which will be held at Gaziantep Middle East Fair Center on 24-27 September 2020. Presenting the simulator of the National Combat Aircraft, one of Turkey's most important projects, to the experience of the participants at TEKNOFEST for the first time last year, TAI will continue to break new ground this year as well. It will set up a simulator similar to the HÜRJET 270 developed for HÜRJET, which will take an active role in Turkey's jet training and light attack activities, for the first time in Gaziantep within the scope of the festival. Thus, the participants zamwill have the opportunity to experience HÜRJET instantly.

TUSAŞ, which won the appreciation of the participants last year with its aerial platforms as well as many technological experience areas, continues to break new ground this year as well. For HÜRJET, which continues to be developed with TAI's own resources, it will show a similar engineering simulator, HÜRJET 270, which it introduced recently, for the first time at TEKNOFEST, and the real zamThanks to the instant simulator, it will offer the opportunity to experience piloting on a jet plane with HÜRJET.

Reinforcing its pioneering role in aviation on every platform, TAI took its place as the sole sponsor in TEKNOFEST's Helicopter Design Competition this year. He presented the conceptual designs of High Speed ​​Helicopters that could successfully perform a task determined under high altitude and high temperature conditions for more than 60 groups of university students and graduates. The competition, in which the top 11 will be determined among the 3 finalists, is aimed to shed light on the helicopter technology of the future.

In addition to its competition and simulator experience, TAI will bring together the model models of the aircraft, which it has developed with domestic and national resources, from design to production within the scope of the festival, with technology and aviation enthusiasts in Gaziantep. same zamAt the festival, where the mobile application of TUSAŞ, which has taken its place in the mobile application markets in recent months, will also be introduced, experts from the human resources office of TUSAŞ are also expected to give advice that will help students in their career journeys.

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