How to Get an MHRS Hospital Appointment? How to Obtain MHRS Password? Canceling a Hospital Appointment


It is now easier to make an appointment with public hospitals. You can make an appointment from the hospital you want to the department you want, either by phone number, on the internet or via mobile application. The Central Physician Appointment System (MHRS) developed by the Ministry of Health provides all these opportunities. Citizens ALO 182 call center, is, and 829 public hospitals in Turkey with mobile applications, oral and dental health centers, family physicians can get an appointment 7 hours in 24 days.

Making appointments from the hospital can only be made through the hospital appointment system. In the past, an appointment was given by going to the hospital through the queue number. Now, it is possible to make an appointment in very simple steps via phone, internet or application. By choosing the easiest method, you can create and cancel an appointment. You can also make an appointment with the hospital, doctor or district polyclinic you want.

How to Get a Hospital Appointment Online?

If you want to make a hospital appointment online, You must register as a member by logging in to. or Visit the address. Then, from the MHRS make an appointment section, click on the "New Member" button and log in to the system by creating a membership with a password you will define. Then respectively; Click the "Search Appointment" button by selecting the date, city / district, clinic, hospital, district polyclinic, examination place, physician information. If there is a suitable appointment on the date you choose, you can make an appointment for the free hours you want. If there is no appointment, "It meets the criteria you are looking for. zamYou can select "Let's call you right now" option. Is a suitable appointment zamYou will be notified by MHRS from your registered phone number at the moment. This way, you can make an appointment from the computer.

Alo 182 Appointment Procedures

Those who do not use the Internet or have difficulty using the Internet can make an appointment through customer service by calling 182 on the phone. The hospital appointment number is ALO 182. Since it is not covered by emergency calls, you will be charged at your normal rate. So calling the hospital appointment line ALO 182 is the same as calling a fixed phone line. For example, if you have free minutes, these also apply.

Making Appointment From MHRS Mobile Application

Almost two out of every three people use smartphones. In the 21st century, when technology develops, services come to our feet. One of them is the MHRS hospital appointment application. You can easily make an appointment by logging in with the MHRS Mobile application. “MHRS Mobil” application can be used easily on smart devices with Android, IOS and Windows operating systems. If you say how to download "MHRS Mobile", you have the opportunity to download it free of charge from the store of your operating system (App Store, Play Store, etc.). Using the application is completely free.

Hospital Appointment From E-Ddevlet

You can make an appointment at the hospital by logging into your e-Devlet account. After logging into e-Government, you can create an appointment from the "Central Physician Appointment System (MHRS)" section.

Viewing, Canceling Appointment With MHRS

If you have made a hospital appointment from any platform, you can view your appointments from the "Appointment History" section by signing in on the MHRS website. You can check the appointment and follow up the appointment here. With the MHRS Mobile application, you can see the appointments you have made by logging in and selecting the appointment history. You can also listen to your appointment information by answering security questions through ALO 182.

You can cancel your appointment according to these steps. or You can cancel your appointment by clicking the "Cancel" button by selecting the appointment you want from the "Appointment History" section by logging in at the address.

You can cancel your appointment by logging into the MHRS Mobile application, selecting the appointment you want from the "Appointment History" section and clicking the "Cancel" button.

You can also cancel the appointment you want by calling the ALO 182 call center.

If you cannot attend the appointment for any reason, you will not be charged for the examination. Thinking that other patients need an appointment, it is useful to cancel to make room for them.

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