Flu and Coronavirus Diseases Will Be Very Confused

Due to the seasonal transition with the coronavirus, which rose with the September incident in Turkey it is expected to increase in flu and colds event. Dicle University Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Department Lecturer and Covid-19 Heavy Care Coordinator Prof. Dr. Recep Tekin said that Covid-19, flu and cold are infections caused by 3 different viruses, and in particular, influenza and Covid-19 can be mixed. Drawing attention to the beginning of the flu season, especially with September and October, Tekin said, “When we look at the basic differences between the two, they are actually very close diseases. "Fever, cough, widespread body pain, weakness and headache are symptoms that may be both of them, but the main feature that distinguishes Covid-19 from flu is the problem of breathing."


Emphasizing that the flu mostly takes the upper respiratory paths, Covid-19 falls more into the lungs. Dr. Tekin continued his words as follows:

“Due to this, it can cause shortness of breath, cough, and respiration pain. It is very difficult to distinguish between two of these symptoms based on clinical or signs. However, we need laboratory tests to differentiate this. What we need to pay attention to in this regard is actually the pain of breathing. If an individual has fever, weakness, fatigue, a mild cough, there may be flu, Covid-19, but if shortness of breath or breathing drowsiness begins, we must definitely investigate him in terms of Covid-19. For this, we need to do the necessary tests and determine our treatment accordingly. Of course, our patients will be very confused from now on during this process. The main difference here is that they should pay attention to the symptoms of breathing pain in particular. Not every weakness has to be Covid-19. If you have such complaints and there is a respiratory problem, we will have to test for Covid-19. The only rule that we can make this distinction is testing. "


Reminding that there was an increase in the number of events after the normalization process, Prof. Dr. Tekin said the following:

“Some warnings need to be made again. Especially in terms of masks, distance and hygiene, it is necessary to prevent the spread of the virus and disease by showing the necessary sensitivity and observing the precautions of our people. Another valuable point is of course isolation. As it is known, individuals who have had the disease, are positive or have contact must be in quarantine for 14 days in their residences. Unfortunately, our patients, who are positive and need to stay at home, can go out and go to markets and cafes. This has valuable sanctions, but we want this, especially from our patients; this poses an important problem for public health. Please pay attention to the insulation in the dwelling. On the other hand, let's put on our mask, please. Not only the mask, but also, let's keep our gap and hygiene, especially after touching the surface, wash our hands and then continue our normal daily life. "

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