Garenta: Rental volume Grows 25 Percent


Turkey's innovative guaranteed if the car rental brand, continues to expand its reach to 25 branches in 37 provinces of services in daily car rental market. Garenta does not slow down its investments in order to facilitate the lives of its customers and offer an alternative to transportation needs during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Garenta and General Manager Emre Ayyıldız, who evaluated the car rental sector after the epidemic process and the normalization steps that started as of June, said, “In June, when the new normal period started, we almost reached the period before the epidemic. In July, there was an increase of more than 25 percent in the rental volume compared to the period before the epidemic ”.

Garenta, operating under the umbrella of Anadolu Group, shared information on daily car rental within the scope of the number of leases during the Covid-19 outbreak. According to the statement made by Garenta, the average number of daily rentals in branches between March 10 and May 31 increased more than three times between June 1 and August 23.

It being taken of the normalization steps June 1, 2020 as of said short-term car rental in high demand occurs guaranteed if and General Manager Emre Ayyýldýz "We saw a negative picture in the first case seen as the daily rental operation March 11 in Turkey. April and May were difficult. As of June, we reached the number of leases close to February, which we define as the pre-epidemic period. In July, we have rented more than 12 thousand in our daily car rental operation and increased our rental volume by 25 percent compared to February ”.

Emre Ayyıldız stated that the Ramadan Feast and Eid al-Adha periods, which coincide with the summer months, are also effective in this demand, and that they continue their investments to meet the increasing demand, that nearly 45 percent of the vehicles in the fleet consist of 2020 model vehicles and continue to provide Garenta's qualified service to more people with new branches. He said they had it done.

25 branches in 37 provinces under the roof of Garenta

Despite the pandemic process in the daily rental market, Garenta continues to grow with new branches. Garenta, which has a fleet of different brands and models of vehicles from many segments, provides service with 25 branches in 37 provinces from Adana to Samsun, from Izmir to Batman. Garenta, which also opened Malatya and Muş branches in August, will bring 5 more new branches to its customers by the end of the month. Having opened 11 new branches since the beginning of the year, Garenta will open 3 new branches next week and a total of 5 branches by the end of the month, increasing the total number of branches to 42. Ayyıldız stated that they are very pleased with the demand for franchise, and that the pandemic period is a challenging process for the whole sector, but He stated that the dealership requests they received increased considerably, especially with the new normal period, and that they evaluated all the requests in order to increase their prevalence.

A guaranteed if, by the end of 2020, reaching 50 branches across Turkey aims to expand its services. - Hibya

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