Formula 1 Heıneken Italy Grand Prix 2020



  • For the Monza track, known as the 'temple of speed', the same paste selection was made as last year and P Zero White hard tires with C2 paste, P Zero Yellow medium with C3 paste and P Zero Red soft tires with C4 paste were recommended. Located in the middle of Pirelli's F1 series, these tires are preferred because they are suitable for a wide range of conditions.
  • The variable characteristics of the Monza track were instrumental in this decision. The iconic Italian track includes famous flats as well as slower and more technical sections that have been added over the years to keep average speeds under control.
  • Like Belgium, Monza is among the timeless races in the original 2020 calendar. As past experience has shown, this period, which coincides with the end of Italian summer, can be extremely hot.


  • In Monza, one of the classic tracks of the Formula 1 calendar, maximum speeds can approach 360 km / h thanks to the minimal downforce of the teams to avoid drifting on the straights. But this means reduced aerodynamic grip when cornering; In other words, cars need more of the mechanical grip provided by the tires. With less downforce, the tires are also more prone to slipping, which increases with wear.
  • The weather is not hot zamThe long and fast straights in Monza can cause the tires to cool; This means that the tires may not be warm enough for future corners.
  • Charles Leclerc, who won the race with a one-stop last year, led Ferrari to victory in his country. Starting the race from pole position, Leclerc was the only pilot who chose the soft-hard strategy; The choice of all other pilots who made one-stop was soft-medium.
  • Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, who made two pit stops, finished after Leclerc in less than a second; therefore, it seems possible to implement different strategies in the Italian race.
  • A total lap record of 1m19.119s, during qualifying two years ago he zamThe moment was broken by Kimi Raikkonen, who was racing for Ferrari.
  • On the other hand, it's the fastest race tour in Monza zamThe memory belongs to Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello since 2004. Will this 16-year record finally be broken this season?


“For the first time in history, Formula 1 races will be held in Italy on two consecutive weekends and different tires will be used in each. Unlike Mugello, Monza is better known; teams also have a lot of data, as the same doughs were used last year. However, cars are much faster now and the weather will be a question mark. In Monza, which is generally hot and dry, we have seen abundant rainfall in recent years. Both single and double pit stop strategies can work, but unlike last year pilots are now offered fixed tire sets; This situation influences the strategy that ultimately determines which compounds they will use for the race. On the other hand, these tires are allocated to offer the pilots maximum opportunity; therefore, they can target the tires they want to use on race day. "

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