Ford Otosan published its 2019 Sustainability Report

Ford Otosan, which has carried out all its activities with the mission of providing products and services that benefit the environment and society since the day it was founded, has published its 2019 Sustainability Report. In the report, the company shared with the public its projects that it has implemented by focusing on in-house entrepreneurship and society, especially practices that increase global competitiveness and productivity.

Ford Otosan has published its Sustainability Report for 1, covering the period between January 31 and December 2019, 2019, prepared in line with the "core" principles of the GRI Standards (GRI Standards) published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The company raised its Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) rating from C to B, maintaining its place in the Borsa Istanbul Sustainability Index and in the internationally recognized “FTSE4Good - Emerging Markets Index” for responsible investment with its performance in the field of sustainability.

Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar Yenigün stated the following in his assessment of the 2019 sustainability report:

"Turkey's most valuable and most preferred industrial company to strengthen its sustainability management towards achieving our vision of being the purpose of the digital conversion, the innovation and simplification process by focusing internal entrepreneurship and innovation at all levels of your Company, we continued in 2019 to spread. By using 'big data', we provide more efficiency in our production processes, improve our environmental performance due to production activities, and make our products more responsible. In addition, we continue to work for more efficient and sustainable business processes with agile working style, and we destroy the hierarchy. While building tomorrow, we support diversity and diversity and take pioneering steps to ensure gender equality in the sector. We are the female employment leader in the automotive sector with the women quota application in recruitment. Thanks to all the innovative projects and transformation that emerged with the efforts of our colleagues, we achieve our goals, while increasing our competitive power, we benefit for a sustainable future. "

Thanks to renewable energy investments, the environmental impact of production activities is reduced

Ford Otosan, working to achieve its targets to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions per unit vehicle it produces, implements different energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. In Gölcük and Sancaktepe Factories, it uses the sun's rays for heating, cooling and ventilation with the 'Solarwall' system created from panels covering the facade of the building. In addition, with seven wind turbines installed in the Gölcük Plant, the company tries to provide the energy consumed by renewable energy sources. Focusing on LED transformations in lighting, the company started to use the light from the sun to illuminate its workshops with the 'Suntracker' systems implemented in 2019.

In-house entrepreneurship and innovation culture provides efficiency in production processes

Ford Otosan values ​​the ideas and expertise of employees, investing in competencies for this purpose and supporting innovative projects. One of these was the 'WhistleTracker' Project, which will contribute to the perfection of production processes. In the project, which is inspired by this process, which requires serious expertise, time and competence, where the masters listen to the sound generated during the pressing and understand whether the parts are damaged, the sound data obtained with special software is passed through digital filters, and if there is any defect in the part, it is immediately detected.

Ford Otosan, which adopts innovation in products, processes and business models, aims to become a company that stands out not only as a traditional vehicle manufacturer, but also as a company that produces services and directs the sector, shapes transportation possibilities beyond imagined, and stands out with innovation. - Hibya News Agency

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