Ford, Bosch and Bedrock Introduce Autonomous Vale Service

Ford, Bosch and Bedrock Introduce Autonomous Vale Service
Ford, Bosch and Bedrock Introduce Autonomous Vale Service

Ford introduced the 'autonomous valet' service, which undertakes the task of parking through advanced infrastructure-based sensors in test vehicles conducting research in Detroit, USA. With the pioneering autonomous valet service in parking, finding and getting out of the parking lot, drivers are completely relieved of the stress of searching and parking, and they do not need to remember where they parked the vehicle.

Ford, Bedrock and Bosch introduced their new 'autonomous valet' service, which can park connected Ford test vehicles at the Bedrock Assembly Garage in Detroit without the need for drivers, using Bosch's smart infrastructure. The autonomous valet service, where the vehicle can park itself completely autonomously in the garage, is the first infrastructure-based solution in the USA.

Research conducted in Corktown, Ford's new mobility and innovation hub, not only finds autonomous answers to the parking problem. Mobility developers from all over the world come together here and continue to find solutions to urban transportation and traffic problems. It aims to contribute to the autonomous and connected technologies world of the future by delivering innovative technologies to everyone.

You won't have to remember where you parked the vehicle

Ford's connected test vehicles operate in a highly automated manner with vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication, using Bosch's smart parking infrastructure. Sensors identify the vehicle to perform the parking maneuver, avoiding pedestrians and other objects. Thanks to the infrastructure, the vehicle can stop immediately when there is a danger or obstacle on the road. After arriving in the parking lot or garage, the driver exits the vehicle and enables the vehicle to perform automatic parking maneuvers with a smartphone application (mobile application). Drivers can also use the app to request the vehicle to exit and return from the parking lot. In this way, the parking experience accelerates and there is no need to remember where the vehicle was parked.

It will increase the vehicle capacity of parking lots and garages

Automatic parking solutions will also facilitate the work of garage owners by allowing more efficient use of the spaces inside the car park. With the automatic valet parking service, the vehicle capacity of the same amount of parking spaces can increase up to 20 percent. In addition, the vehicle can drive to areas within the garage by itself for requirements such as charging and washing, as well as simple parking.

Bringing together Ford, one of the world's largest automobile manufacturers, Bosch, one of the leading automotive suppliers, and Bedrock, one of Detroit's urban infrastructure developers, this project adds valuable insights to companies on user experience, vehicle design, parking technologies, and mobility technology. It also contributes to the development of applications on it.

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