NASA Model in Solving Hernia Problem

Waist and neck hernia, which is seen in 10 out of every 8 people in our society from young to old, is increasing day by day with the sedentary lifestyle, which is the problem of the age. The technology developed in the treatment of this ailment, which is the fearful dream of many people and negatively affects daily life, is a hope. Orhan Akdeniz said, “This technique was developed in NASA's space research, after observing that astronauts had back pain and widened disc gaps in a non-gravity environment during space travels. With a personal computer program, a controlled and gradual pulling force is provided in the exact targeted area of ​​the spine. Negative pressure occurs in the disc with the effect of vacuum. The disc stuck between the two vertebrae returns to its place thanks to the negative pressure provided by rhythmic pulling. The success rate is around 90 percent, ”he said.

Waist and neck hernia is the most common complaint. While it used to be mostly seen in white-collar and adults, it has become seen even in the 18s due to many reasons such as sedentary life and digital addiction. The spinal system consists of a series of bones (vertebrae) stacked on top of each other. These bones lean against discs that act as a cushion. The discs protect bones in daily activities such as walking, lifting and rotating. Each disc has two parts: a soft gelatinous inner part and a hard outer ring. Hernia problem arises as a result of the pressure on the spinal cord and nerves separated from the spinal cord due to the wearing, tearing or displacement of the discs due to various reasons. Symptoms include pain in the neck and lower back and movement limitations, pain that can spread to one or both arms or legs, arms, legs and numbness, tingling, weakness in the feet look for place.

Everyone Knows Right There Is One Big Mistake

Romatem Samsun Hospital, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Orhan Akdeniz said, “That thought is the belief that this problem can only be solved by surgery. However, as with many health problems, hernia should be seen as a last resort surgical intervention. A groundbreaking method in the treatment of hernia, which has emerged as a gift of technology to medicine in recent years, is a hope for many people who have suffered this problem for years. With the DRX 9000, which was developed with the space model to solve the hernia problem, pulling force is applied to the problematic area with computer programs. Thus, the pressure on the disc is reduced and the pressure on the nerves is relieved. When the herniated disc is withdrawn, the disorder in the spine is also treated. If this problem is not treated, it may invite other problems. " He used his expressions.

It Is Used In The Treatment Of Hernia Around The World

Akdeniz continued his words as follows: “DRX is a treatment method used in the treatment of hernia worldwide. The success rate is also very high. We apply this technique especially to patients who require surgery. The sooner people see a physician, the faster they get results in their treatment. DRX treatment is not applied in cases such as spinal fractures, severe bone resorption, sequestrated lumbar hernias (with a fragmentation in the spinal canal), spinal tumors, and inflammatory diseases of the spine. Also, pregnant women cannot be treated. "

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