The First Domestic Suv, Anadol Insect Technical Specifications and History


Anadol Böcek is a buggy model produced by Anadol between 1975-1977. The vehicle was originally developed at the request of the Turkish Armed Forces, and although it bears similarities with the Volkswagen Buggy model, it has a different design in terms of concept and character.

Anadol Böcek A6 is a full summer cottage produced by Jan Nahum, head of the R&D department of Otosan, which was produced in line with the demand of the Armed Forces and presented to the domestic market because it was thought to be sold on the coastal areas, but was discontinued due to the oil crisis at the time of its production. tool.

In Anadol Böcek A1975, produced in 6, the 1 cc used in A2-A1.298 Anadol models. 63 Hp in volume. Kent engine and 4-speed manual gearbox were used. It was produced from fiberglass material on the shortened chassis of the standard Anadol model, like other Anadols. "Only experienced drivers should use it." Anadol Böcek A6, which is an innovative as well as an entertaining car, has come across a bad period just like Anadol STC-16.

A total of 203 beetles were produced.

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