Facebook and Instagram Ads Training Program

Facebook announced that registrations have been opened for the Facebook and Instagram Ads Training Program, which it initiated in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Technology to support local development. In the first phase of the training program 26 development agencies in Turkey through the establishment of a basic level of education in 81 provinces will be advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Public institutions and civil society organizations, as well as targeted primarily at SMEs, including private sector firms in Turkey with online education can use for free to reach more than 1000 people. The first level trainings, in which 10 different sessions will be held for different regions, will be held between 15 September and 1 October.

SMEs participating in the training will have the opportunity to learn how to use Facebook and Instagram ads to find new customers and reach existing customers more effectively. Similarly, local public institutions, universities and NGOs will be able to learn about the promotional campaigns they will run on Facebook and Instagram to strengthen their communication and interaction with citizens. Participants who complete the first stage training will also be eligible to participate in more advanced trainings specific to their respective sectors. Training participants will also have the opportunity to receive special support directly from Facebook teams in the upcoming period. - Hibya

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