Special Offers from Europcar Car Rental Company

Europcar, one of Europe's leading car rental companies, offers great opportunities to those who rent a car until January 9, 2022 in its special discount campaign with communication giant Turkcell Platinum.

Turkcell Platinum customers will be able to benefit from a 30% discount in domestic and 10% discount abroad from the rent of a car from Europcar. In addition to the discount, after the service contract with Europcar, it will be possible to rent by express check-in / check-out only by submitting a driver's license declaration.

In addition to the advantages offered within the scope of the campaign, Turkcell Platinum Black customers will receive 35% discount from the rental price in the country when renting a car from Europcar and valet service will be provided according to the availability of the desired distance. For deliveries to delivery points within 30 kilometers from the rental office and to further destinations, a discount will be applied to the valet service at the rate specified in the program, depending on staff availability.

One password is enough to join the campaign

Turkcell Platinum customers who want to participate in the Europcar 30 percent discount campaign will be able to make online reservations from the Europcar website with their unique passwords from the travel tab of the Turkcell Platinum application on their smartphones. After the password is obtained, the car rental process can be carried out by contacting the Europcar Call Center by calling +90 850 377 0 377 outside the Europcar website. Throughout the campaign, Turkcell Platinum customers will be able to benefit from an additional driver discount with a 30 percent discount.

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