New NAVTEX in the Eastern Mediterranean!

Accordingly, Oruç Reis seismic research ship, together with the ships named Ataman and Cengiz Han, will continue to carry out seismic studies in the previously announced area off Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Oruç Reis seismic research ship is capable of conducting all kinds of geological, geophysical, hydrographic and oceanographic surveys, especially the continental shelf and natural resource searches.

One of the rare research ships in the world, fully equipped and multi-purpose, geophysical research can be carried out in 2 and 3-dimensional seismic, gravity and magnetic fields. The ship can perform 8-dimensional seismic operations up to 3 thousand meters deep, and two-dimensional seismic operations up to 15 thousand meters deep.


In the "2020-2021 Fisheries Hunting Season Opening" program at Giresun Port, President Erdoğan said, "Our Oruç Reis Ship continues its seismic research activities in the Eastern Mediterranean with determination. I hope we hope to get good news. " used expressions!

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