Does One's Own Blood Treat Allergic Diseases?


Is the treatment method made with people's own blood really beneficial in allergic diseases that have appeared in the media recently? This treatment; Can it be used in asthma patients and people with food allergies? What are the risks? President of Allergy and Asthma Association Prof. Dr. Ahmet Akçay explained.

The use of the method of treatment with one's own blood in food allergy can cause fatal consequences. There are not enough studies to use this treatment in patients with asthma. It would be correct to use this method only in patients with chronic hives who do not respond to standard treatments and selected by allergists.

What is the treatment with own blood and how is it done?

Treatment method with own blood; It is done by taking blood from the vein and injecting it into the muscle. This method is called autohemotherapy treatment. Sometimes, the serum of the blood is separated and the serum is injected into the muscle. This method of treatment is called autologous serum therapy. To these forms of treatment zaman zamMoment is also called the method of vaccination with his own blood.

In which diseases is the treatment with own blood effective?

We know that the method of self-treatment is frequently used in Indian medicine. This method is very old. It began to be used almost a hundred years ago. This treatment especially; It has been used in autoimmune skin diseases, hives and asthma.

Is it beneficial for patients with chronic hives?

This treatment method is preferred especially in patients with chronic hives. It is frequently used in the type with chronic hives and especially those of autoimmune origin. In such patients, it is beneficial by preventing the release of substances known as autoantigens that cause hives. From patients with chronic hives; Successful results have been reported, especially in patients who did not respond to other therapy. Some studies have shown no benefit. Which type of chronic urticaria patient will benefit from the treatment is determined by the test performed by allergy specialists.

Without enough work, with atopic dermatitis (egzama) its application in patients is not correct!

The method of treatment with own blood in atopic dermatitis has been applied with a different method. The patient's own blood is taken as a unit and the IgG treatment obtained from this blood is applied. There are studies that find this method useful. However, there is no study about the treatment performed in the form of chronic urticaria method. For these reasons; Without adequate studies, it is not correct to use this method in patients with atopic dermatitis.

Does it benefit asthma patients?

It is seen that this method was tried 90 years ago in asthma disease. Improvement has been reported in patients with asthma using this therapy. However, later zamThere are no studies showing that this treatment is effective at moments. Therefore; This treatment does not seem to be very suitable for asthmatic patients, more detailed studies are needed. Because, with the allergy vaccine treatment used in the treatment of asthma, the quality of life in many patients with allergic asthma is greatly increased.

If used in food allergies, there is a risk of allergic shock!

This method of treatment has not been tried in the treatment of food allergy. This treatment especially; It is extremely inconvenient to use in severe food allergy that may cause allergic shock. Because the effect of this treatment is unknown and we may face fatal consequences in severe allergic patients.

As a result; treatment method with one's own blood especially; It can be used in the treatment of chronic hives that do not respond to standard treatments and develop as a result of autoimmune mechanisms. But; It is not correct to use in patients such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, and food allergy. Its use, especially in food allergies, may cause fatal consequences.


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