Digital Education System Affects Children's Eye Health

After the pandemic period, the new education period started. While some of the children received education in digital media, some of them gradually started to go to school. The children have stepped into a busy period, are their eyes ready for this one?

Most of the visual functions of students zamthe moment can have an impact on school performances. The in-class motivation and participation of children with visual difficulties decreases. Seiko Optical Turkey Open Eye Health Advisor. Dr. Özgür Gözpınar invites families to be conscious about the effects of eye health on school success and states that children should undergo eye examination before the new academic year begins.

An eye exam every 6 months is a must.

For a child of school age to be successful; he must have reached mental maturity and his physical functions must be working properly. Many children have difficulties in their education and lack of learning. Seiko Optical Turkey Open Eye Health Advisor. Dr. Özgür Gözpınar said, “Children learn many things during their school years, especially reading and writing, and vision plays a key role here. In addition, vision is very important for sports and game activities. The child actively uses his / her eyesight at school, and weakness in this function causes both learning difficulties and low performance. School-age children should undergo regular eye exams at 6-month intervals and their eye health should be kept under control. ' says.

The education system, which intensifies in the digital environment due to the pandemic, threatens the eye health of children. 'Smart phones, tablets, digital displays, and computer usage increases across the time spent induced symptoms began to rise', says Seiko Optical's Eye Health Advisor Open Turkey. Dr. Özgür Gözpınar, 'the prevalence of eye disorders, age, genetic predisposition, etc. It may increase for such reasons. However, especially in recent years, children have started to develop various eye disorders due to the intense use of digital devices. There is an increase in symptoms caused by digital effects such as double vision, blurriness, itching, headache and eye pain. Smartphones and tablets have closer viewing distances (20-30 cm) than other displays than the normal reading distance. The smaller font sizes, the closer eyes to each other when viewed up close, the higher close-to-close action to adapt (accommodation and convergence), and the longer close range activities cause more eye fatigue. The blue light emitted from digital screens is eye-straining. Looking at digital screens for a long time can trigger the emergence of myopia in children with a genetic predisposition, as well as cause it to progress faster. In this respect, early diagnosis and the use of optical glass that slows the progression of myopia is extremely important. As the body develops rapidly during adolescence, myopia progresses rapidly. In this respect, it is extremely important to have regular eye examinations after birth, the first year of life, the age of 2-4 when communication can be established, before starting school and during school. " says.

Attention If Your Child Has Learning Difficulties

Myopia slowed in the early diagnosis and treatment of childhood and Seiko Optical Turkey stated that the importance of eye health examination frequency Advisor Open. Doctor Özgür Gözpınar said, 'When a glasses suitable for the eye problem of the child is given, vision becomes clearer and perception increases. Children most zamHe cannot realize that they are having problems with vision at the moment. Using glasses improves the quality of vision in myopia treatment and positively affects the social and mental development of the child. The sense of sight helps perceive more than 80% of the information learned in childhood. In this respect, it is very important for families to be careful and to have regular eye examinations of children. Myopia can often progress in school-age children, 'he said.   

Symptoms That Make You Think That The Child Has Vision Problems

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Your eyes are constantly red and watery
  • Eyes bulging out
  • Excessive blinking
  • Poor concentration
  • Tendency to close one eye
  • Don't squint
  • Don't run away from reading a book
  • Watching TV close
  • Head tilting and body position disorder
  • Losing the line you read and following the line with your finger
  • Learning performance below potential
  • Ugly writing

Even if there is no problem during the school years, regular eye examination is very important. If there is a detected problem, the controls should be continued at the intervals recommended by the ophthalmologist. Recommended glasses and other treatment methods should be applied completely and follow-up should not be interrupted. - Hibya

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