State Theaters Inaugurated the New Era


The State Theaters opened the 2020-2021 art period under heavy coronavirus measures. The world premiere of the play of the State Theaters in the capital, “Aşık Veysel”, was held on the Little Theater Stage. Alpay Ulusoy was the director of the play written by Osman Nuri Ercan and portrayed the character Aşık Veysel. Ercan, who gave information about the work before, said that Aşık Veysel embraced the Turkish people and that it was a universal price whose fame met with the world.

Yunus Emre, Karacaoğlan, by doing researches on him and stating that he has other works that he gamified, Ercan said, “I researched, I thought of a long time. A valuable personality, has cost the world. I researched how it would be the best and the best and put it on the stage. " used the terms.

Stating that the play is the only act, Ercan said that he took a baglama lesson to play Aşık Veysel, and that he would play the folk songs of the famous folk poet in the play.

Ercan said that Mustafa Kurt, General Director of State Theaters, worked hard so that the audience did not stay away from the arts.


Ulusoy said, “We tried to stage Aşık Veysel's pure and pure life. Aşık Veysel did not burn one, but hundreds of candles. He trained students in village institutes. I have a friend who said 'I don't know Aşık Veysel'. I asked your age. He said he was 37 years old. It is thought-provoking that a 37-year-old person does not know Aşık Veysel very well. However, as the State Theaters, we are trying to bring our masters and poets to the stage. " he spoke.

“We are trying to bring the light that Aşık Veysel created in his own darkness on the occasion of his blindness. That's why our stage decor is white. We consciously preferred it. I hope our audience will come to watch and share our ideas. " Using his words Ulusoy explained that it is difficult to work despite the pandemic.


In this play, in which the shadow animation technique was used, Osman Nuri Ercan sang the folk songs of the famous folk poet with the character of Aşık Veysel, read his poems and conveyed parts of his life and his view of the world.

Uğur Bakır, Cihan Korkmaz, Hasret Millici and Serdar Erpençe played the role of shadow animation in the play.


At the State Theater Stage, where it is mandatory to wear a mask during the play, the audience was taken into the hall by measuring their fire in a form in accordance with the social spacing rules.

In the scenes where hand sanitizer is placed in the foyer area and its use is indispensable, the audience sat in rows and intervals to watch the plays. Ankara State Theater, Çayyolu Cüneyt Gökçer Stage, Akün Stage, Küçük Theater and Studio Stage will also host art lovers.

The State Theaters, which started the new art era with a total of 17 premieres in cities with scenes, will continue to use open-air venues and open a small number of halls. - Republic

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