Microsoft "Design Your Future Project"


The digital education platform "", implemented within the scope of the "Design Your Future Project" carried out in partnership with Microsoft and Habitat Association, was launched. Aiming to guide users in developing social and digital skills, the digital education platform includes a wide range of content from effective presentation preparation techniques to CV preparation.

Changing the scope of the "Those Who Know Computer Teach Those Who Do Not Know Project", which started in 2004 with the partnership of Microsoft and Habitat Association, it continues its journey by developing with the name "Design Your Future" since 2014. Within the scope of the project aiming to improve the digital and social skills of job seekers as well as increase their employability, “”, which was launched during the pandemic period, was put into use. The digital education platform includes rich educational contents under the headings of creating digital content, digital office environment, digital literacy, effective presentation preparation, Microsoft Office basic information and working with data. Aiming to make each user "digital literate", the platform offers users the opportunity to develop their digital competencies. Same zamaims to improve their digital competencies and enrich their social skills and contribute to their effectiveness in job search processes.

Sezai Hazır, Chairman of the Board of Habitat Association, who said that the subject of competencies has come to the forefront in the new period, said, “We started out with Microsoft in 2004 with the“ Those Who Know Computers Project ”. Later, in 2014, we turned it into a program called "Design Your Future". Looking at the Design Your Future Project zamAlthough we cannot foresee the pandemic at the moment, we see that we have created important content on behavioral changes and competencies after the pandemic. In parallel with the evolving technological transformation in Turkey, "Designing the Future Project", "" We have created a new digital education platform by name. This online education platform, which we created considering the needs that developed during the pandemic period, enables users to improve their digital and social skills. Same zamI believe that it will improve the competencies of the users with its rich educational contents and contribute to their effectiveness in job search processes ”.

Emphasizing that the acceleration of digitalization creates important opportunities for young people, Microsoft Public Sector and Public Investments Director Erdem Erkul said, “One of the groups most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic is the youth. I also had the opportunity to host my young friends in the publications I made during the quarantine process and learn their ideas in this process. The pressure of changes in educational processes and quarantine processes on the global economy remains an obstacle for young people. However, the acceleration of digitalization, which we can define as the best side effect of the quarantine process, creates important opportunities for our youth.

The Design Your Future Program, which was built so that our young people can make use of the opportunities created by accelerated digitalization more easily, aims to increase the employment of our country by combining the skills required for the business world of the future with young people. This target continues in Covid-19 days and makes great contributions. I sincerely believe that we will reach more young people and reshape the digital world with the Design Your Future program, which has been going on for years. " He gave place to his statements. Hibya News Agency

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