Warming More With Less Energy


In our country, where energy costs are high, the increase in heating costs, especially in winter, is challenging the home economy. Another dissatisfaction is that the amount reflected on the invoices and the heating rate are not balanced.

Underfloor Heating Systems, developed for the efficient use of energy in heating, contribute to the reduction of heating costs by saving energy. GF Floor Heating Systems also offer advantages in terms of being compatible with alternative heating systems such as heat pump and solar energy.

Not only for residential buildings, but also for workplaces, schools, hospitals, etc. Underfloor heating systems, which are also recommended for areas, reduce the initial investment cost zamIt is considered as an investment that can pay off immediately and has a high return. Low heating water temperature (below 50 ° C) contributes to the reduction of heating costs by saving energy. It offers a lifetime equivalent to the life of the building if it is manufactured in accordance with the standards and installed without additional parts under suitable conditions. This brings convenience in terms of maintenance costs.

GF Underfloor Heating System, which can be applied with different floors such as wood, marble, natural stone, parquet, ceramic and tiles, creates a healthier and safer heating. Although different flooring materials are used on the floor, the space heats up homogeneously and evenly. In addition to this feature that provides warming comfort, the base surface being around 27 ° C-28 ° C prevents the ambient air from drying out. - Hibya

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