Cochlear: Hear You Too Campaign

The “Sen de Duy” campaign initiated by Cochlear in order to raise awareness in hearing impaired individuals and to enable them to participate in life in a healthier way emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. Campaign; hearing aids are inadequate zamHe reminds that cochlear and bone conduction implants could be the solution.

Global studies on hearing health; It points to the mental, physical and psychological effects of untreated hearing loss. Hearing loss can cause the individual to have difficulties in communication, difficulty in concentration and problems in education and business life due to incomplete language development. Hearing loss, which can lead to psychological problems such as embarrassment, loss of self-confidence and depression, physically; It can also have consequences that affect the health of the person such as headache and blood pressure. Loss of workforce caused by hearing problems can cause economic problems if it has physical effects such as early retirement.

Cochlear's new awareness campaign “Sen de Duy”, which is the leader of the hearing implant industry in the world, explains that individuals born with hearing impairment or who later have severe hearing problems or loss may be able to establish healthier hearing and communication with cochlear implants or bone duct implants reminds. Campaign; He underlines that it is possible to normalize the social and individual life of a person by means of a bone conduction implant or cochlear implant applied as a result of early diagnosis and treatment, and that he / she is prevented from moving away from economic life by continuing his life in a normal way.

The bone of the cochlear implant in case of failure of hearing aids, indicating that provide accurate solutions with implants Cochlear Turkey Marketing Manager Banu Gokce Turkey's "Today should have an important role both as Cochlear brand in the world in Turkey. The responsibility brought by this role is; To show that individuals with severe or severe hearing problems can be solved by bone canal or cochlear implants for these problems that cannot be solved with hearing aids. Our other responsibility is to help everyone in need reach this opportunity through different projects, and therefore to lead their lives more comfortably with implants that will become an important part of their lives. Our mission Cochlear Turkey as Marketing unit and the main issue we focus on increasing the awareness of hearing health, "he said.

Türker added that individuals who cannot solve their problems with hearing aids, their first-degree relatives and professionals working in the field of hearing, provide all the support they need to closely follow up-to-date products and auxiliary Cochlear product software, Türker continued as follows:

“By organizing conferences to be attended by relevant associations, professionals, opinion leaders and companies, we work to develop awareness campaigns, to develop the sector and to provide accurate information to both users and candidates. In individuals' hearing journeys; We strive to be instrumental in the realization of the regulations needed for them to move forward confidently and as an effective part of economic and social life. "

About Half a Billion People Worldwide Experience Hearing Loss

According to the data of the World Health Organization, 6 million people, corresponding to 466 percent of the world's population, suffer from various degrees of hearing loss. 93% of individuals with hearing loss are adults and 7% are children. Approximately 5,5 million individuals have “very severe” sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL), while the number of babies born with profound hearing loss is estimated to be between 100.000 and 150.000 each year. In two comprehensive studies, the rate of babies born with severe hearing loss was found to be 0,7-1,1%. Turkey, one of the countries with the highest incidence of congenital hearing loss and our country with approximately 2.600 to 4.500 babies are born each year with congenital hearing loss. - Hibya

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