China to Protect the World from Lightning with Artificial Intelligence

The world's second international 'lightning research' center was established in Suzhou, Jiangsu, the east China province. Based on the electrical system, the center will focus on recently emerging research areas such as 'dynamic lightning protection' and 'lightning protection through artificial intelligence'.

State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co. Ltd. The Center was officially recognized by the International Council of Great Electric Grids as the second center of the world conducting research on lightning. The center collaborated with 15 institutions and laboratories from 32 countries and regions, including the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Chief engineer Tong Chong from State Grid Suzhou Power Supply Company explained that the center envisions to address and examine universal problems such as climate change and seek solutions, using national and foreign resources. The first lightning research center in the world is located in Florida, USA. However, this center focuses on 'static protection from lightning', which is a traditional research topic. - Hibya

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