42 Tram Vehicles Will Be Purchased For Çiğli Light Rail System Line

Metro A.Ş., one of the public transportation companies of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, opened a tender for the purchase of 20 tram vehicles to be used in the Çiğli Light Rail System line, which will be tendered on October 42.

İzmir Metro A.Ş. It will supply 42 tram vehicles, 131 items of spare parts, 11 items of special tools and equipment. The delivery time of tram vehicles is 42 months. Within this period, all work items subject to the contract will be completed and the temporary acceptance and final acceptance of the whole work will be made. Delivery Schedule 18 Trams in 2th Months 20 Trams in 2th Months 21 Trams in 15th Months Production album, promotional videos, models in 21st month 24 Trams in 15th Months 24 Pens Spare Parts in 131th Month Conveniences 24 Tram Vehicles in the 11th Month Administration, after the delivery of the first 27 Tram Vehicles, delivery in case of need zamIt will be able to make changes on the moment and the number of vehicles to be delivered and will notify the Contractor 3 months in advance. However, this will never change the condition that the entire order will be delivered at the end of the 27th month from the contract date.

To Reach the Tender for Tram Vehicle Procurement CLICK HERE

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