CEPTETEB HERE: 20 percent discount on Silver Membership

SabancıDx and Türk Ekonomi Bank (TEB) signed an important cooperation in the digital field. Within the scope of the cooperation, users of the new generation commercial banking application CEPTETEB İŞTE will be able to access the “Silver” membership offered to supplier companies by SabancıDx's digital B2B purchasing platform Pratis with a 20% discount.

The "Silver Membership" offered to supplier companies by Pratis, a digital B2B purchasing platform developed by SabancıDx, which meets the needs of today's companies with the technologies of the future, brings together powerful buyer companies and thousands of specialist suppliers, meets CEPTETEB İŞTE members. The new generation commercial banking application CEPTETEB İŞTE users will be able to benefit from Pratis Silver membership, which offers new sales opportunities to companies, with a 20% discount.

CEPTEB İŞTE members, who will have the opportunity to view and bid in general tenders with Pratis, where the buyer companies meet with thousands of referenced suppliers divided according to their sectors and perform strategic purchasing and e-tender processes at optimum cost, will have the opportunity to invite all buyer companies to their tenders. Silver members will also be able to benefit from the advantages of being visible by buyer companies, providing brand awareness and being aware of tenders with category-based notifications.

TEB's special banking application for commercial enterprises, CEPTETEB İŞTE, offers SME, corporate and business customers the opportunity to perform many financial transactions easily and quickly.

What can be done with CEPTETEB İŞTE?

  • Instant financial status can be monitored with the comprehensive welcome screen.
  • Total assets and liabilities can be listed.
  • Past and future payments can be tracked with the financial calendar.
  • Transfer transactions to account or card, invoice, institution and municipality payments, card and account transactions can be done easily.
  • Cash management can be achieved easily by instantly monitoring the movements of credit, promissory notes and check stores and member businesses.
  • Any transaction can be renewed by accessing frequent transfers and payment transactions, the latest transactions with one click.
  • Transfer and payment can be arranged by persons or companies, transactions can be downloaded in a few simple steps.
  • Account movements, Collection-Collateral check lists, list of paid checks and payment plans and status of commercial installment loans can be easily shared in Excel or PDF format.

Pratis has a transaction volume of 3,2 billion dollars a year

Pratis, the digital B2B purchasing platform, has been developed to make purchasing processes efficient by digitizing them in the digital economy age. With Pratis, the transparency, speed, flexibility and convenience of e-commerce are offered to the purchasing world under one roof. Pratis brings together strong buyers and thousands of suppliers who are experts in their fields. Gathering with thousands of referenced suppliers divided by their sectors through Pratis, buyer companies purchase a wide range of materials from packaging materials to electrical and electronic materials, from stationery to chemicals, from raw materials to consumables at the optimum cost and online.

There are 3,2 product and service groups, hundreds of buyer companies and more than 375 thousand supplier companies from 70 countries in Pratis, where a transaction volume of 35 billion dollars is realized annually. In this respect, Pratis supports companies in achieving their strategic, financial and operational goals while offering a transparent purchasing environment.

Pratis also breaks new ground, bringing important capabilities to the purchasing world through advanced data analytics and robotic process automation. With its advanced data analytics feature, Pratis is able to offer the most suitable supplier company to the user by analyzing the data of the past years with advanced data analytics in the tenders opened by the buyer company. Supplier companies that have Silver memberships, on the other hand, have new opportunities with new sales opportunities and markets they reach. Thanks to the SabancıDx-TEB collaboration, supplier companies are offered the opportunity to benefit from this membership at a more advantageous price. - Hibya

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