Casper: Gift Rain for Students


With the start of the new academic year, Casper, which offers many solutions to the technological needs of students, is beside the students with many campaigns and special discounts on distance education products!

The importance of increasing students' motivation and productivity depends on the availability of technological and digital solutions. In this period of distance education, it is important for many technology companies to ensure students' access to products. In this sense, it is one of the primary goals of Casper, which offers technology solutions, to ensure that students continue their education life without any problems.

With the approach of the new school year, all students and their parents are excited for preparation, be it face-to-face or distance education. When we look at today's conditions, especially the demand for technology products has increased. Products such as notebooks and tablets that provide distance education have also started to enter the school needs lists. Offering ergonomic, functional and high performance solutions for students, Casper organizes attractive discounts and campaigns on many products from laptop to tablet, desktop computer to game computer.

Free Office 365

All Casper Nirvana and Excalibur laptops and desktops with Windows 10 come with Microsoft Office 365 gift. You will be more productive in school life with Nirvana laptops that offer high performance, up-to-date processors, designs that follow today's trends, lightness and sophistication, and ease of use in students' distance education processes, long-lasting battery, high storage space and high connection speed.

Keyboard and Mouse Gifts

Casper desktop computers, which promise enhanced user experiences, come with keyboard and mouse gifts as part of the back to school campaign. Developed for those who prefer desktop computers for education and gaming, Excalibur and Nirvana models offer many configuration options with new generation processors, high performance graphics cards, powerful cooling systems.

For those who say lessons first, then play

All Excalibur gaming and performance computers come with the XBox Game Pass membership gift. Excalibur gaming computers with Windows 10 operating system; It offers unlimited access to more than 100 games with a monthly subscription to Xbox Game Pass free for a month. With a library of new games added every month and special discounts, Xbox Game Pass, where you will find the opportunity to play the most up-to-date games instantly, offers the opportunity to experience the most up-to-date games for gaming enthusiasts. 

With "Rainbow Six Siege Gold", one of the most popular games of today, you will have early access to six new operators and 5th year BattlePass privileges on Excalibur computers with GeFORCE RTX graphics cards with the latest graphics card technology.

Casper continues to stand by students with special price discounts and gift campaigns in many products from desktop computers to laptops, monitors to tablets, and continues to bring the latest technologies to its users. Casper campaign products can access it from ani page and from all sales channels. - Hibya

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