The Washing Canyon Will Increase the Charm of Army Tourism

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality is located in the city of Camas and attracts the attention of everyone from 7 to 70 with its charm. Army Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Hilmi Guler, said they would launch efforts to increase the tourist attraction for Camas Canyon, "This is Turkey, and we intend to introduce to the world," he said.


Stating that they will continue to unearth the hidden beauties of Ordu, Mayor Güler said that they started working as Ordu Metropolitan Municipality to bring the Washing Canyon where beauty, naturalness and greenery are intertwined to tourism.

President Güler continued his statements as follows. “Today, we made observations in the Camas Canyon with our Mayor of Camas, Mahmut Aypart. This is Turkey, and we intend to introduce to the world. We want to make the canyon one of our tourism attractions with the little touches we will make. The Washing Canyon will be a frequent destination for those who want to spend a quiet and peaceful day in natural life. As Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, we pay special attention to this place. When the works that we will start in a short time are completed, this place will become one of the few places in the world and will be a frequent destination for local and foreign tourists, ”he said.

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