About Bursa Migration History Museum

Bursa Migration History Museum is the museum opened by the Metropolitan Municipality in Bursa in 2014 to study and revive the migration history of the city.

It is on the second floor of Atatürk Congress and Culture Center in Merinos Park. Can be visited for free.

The museum includes information about the historical process, from the migration of the Turks to Anatolia to the conquest of Bursa by the Ottomans, the Ottoman homeland to the Balkans, and animations and objects related to the migration process from the Balkans, the Caucasus, Crimea and its surroundings back to Anatolia. Immigration from the Balkans is depicted by train reenactments, migration from the Caucasus by oxcarts and horse-drawn carriages, and migration from Crimea with a ferry portrayal. 

Most of the collections in the museum, which consists of 9 sections, were provided by Şinasi Çelikkol. 

The sections of the museum are:

  • Prehistoric and Antiquity Bursa settlements
  • Foundation of the city of Bursa
  • Conquest of Bursa and Turkmen settlements
  • The conquest of the Balkans and the established Ottoman civilization
  • Immigration from the Balkans to Bursa
  • Exchange migrations
  • Caucasian migrations
  • Tatar Turks migrated from Crimea
  • "Bursa is the branches of a great plane tree born from a single root"

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