Balıkesir Number of Geographically Indicated Products Reached 12

Balıkesir Makes a Difference with its Geographical Indications from Marble to Olive Oil. Balikesir is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, Edremit registered with the olive oil in August and included geographical indication products. With the addition of Burhaniye olive oil, the number of geographically marked products from Balıkesir's Marmara marble to lamb meat, from Höşmerim to Gönen needle lace reached 12.

Known for its historical, cultural and natural beauties, Balıkesir adds a new one to its registered local products every day. Finally, in August, Balıkesir registered Burhaniye olive oil with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and added it to the geographically marked products, thus protecting a product specific to the city. Currently, Balıkesir has 12 geographically marked products. These products are listed as Ayvalık olive oil, Balıkesir lamb meat, Balıkesir höşmerim dessert, Burhaniye olive oil, Edremit Bay green scratched olive, Edremit olive oil, Kapıdağ purple onion, Susurluk buttermilk, Susurluk toast, Gönen needle lace, Yağcıbedir hand made carpet and Marmara Island marble.

Homeland of olives and olive oil

Turkey's Balikesir doubt the country and even the world ... the most delicious olive oil Ayvalık is one of the most well-known of these olive oils, olives for oil produced from Edremit Ayvalık. Ayvalık olive oil is a golden yellow, fragrant, highly aromatic oil… The natural extra-virgin Edremit olive oil obtained from the Edremit (Ayvalık) oil olive variety stands out with its fruity taste, slightly fluid and its characteristic structure that can be described as “water-like” in general. Natural extra-virgin Burhaniye olive oil, registered in August, is produced with olives harvested during early harvest and mature harvest. Burhaniye olive oil, which is green-yellow in early harvest, is golden yellow in mature harvest, and has lower fruity, bitterness and burning values ​​compared to early harvest. Edremit Bay green scratched olives, one of Balıkesir's indispensable delicacies, are obtained from grafted trees grown at an altitude of 50-250 meters in the Edremit Bay. After the olives are picked, they are drawn raw and sweetened. No other thermal or chemical treatment is applied to the Edremit Bay green scratched olive, where only drinking water is used for sweetening.

The indispensable duo of breaks on travel: Susurluk toast and Susurluk buttermilk

The two products that stand out among the registered products of Balıkesir are Susurluk toast and Susurluk ayran, which are definitely tasted and consumed by those traveling on the Bursa-İzmir highway… The most important feature of Susurluk ayran, which is thick foam, dates back to the 1950s. Susurluk Ayran, which was made in buttermilk in the past and famous for its oily, taste and foam, does not contain additives, it is prepared with natural yogurt, salt and water, fermented only with yogurt. Every year, "Susurluk Ayran Festival" is held for Susurluk buttermilk. As popular as Susurluk ayran, Susurluk toast gets its flavor from pan toasted bread, veal sausage and / or head cheese with a little salt. The crunchy texture of the toast comes from the margarine used for toast.

Can't get enough of these flavors

Background of the Ottoman Empire extending to Balikesir The lamb also be obtained from lamb Balıkesir geographical indication products ... the Ottoman Empire started breeding and then continued this work out Balikesir lamb occur as a result of the Republic of Turkey's first year, the curly race stands out with its delicious meat. Today, all of Balikesir lamb used in elite restaurants in Turkey, are produced every year.

Balıkesir höşmerim dessert, which was born in Balıkesir and reached today from the Ottoman Empire, is made by boiling unsalted cheese, sugar, semolina, egg yolk and coloring. Although 50% of its products are made from milk, höşmerim is also made in Central Anatolia and the Black Sea, Balıkesir höşmerim dessert makes a difference with its taste.

Kapıdağ purple onion is grown only in Erdek countryside in 4 neighborhoods. Onion gets its dark purple color, taste and aroma from the soil, climate and geographical features of the Kapıdağ Peninsula. Kapıdağ purple onion, known as “fish onion” because it is mostly consumed with fish; It stands out with its soft, juicy and sweet texture. Kapıdağ purple onion, which is generally consumed raw, is kept by weaving the stems after being removed from the soil.

Famous handicrafts of Balıkesir: Gönen needle lace and Yağcıbedir carpet

Needle lace, a handicraft unique to Gönen, stands out among the geographically marked products. Needle lace, a type of knitting made by tying knots on fabric, thick thread and chain with a needle, has been made by women in Gönen for many years. The most important feature that distinguishes the needle lace from the needle lace of other regions is the use of an invisible loop in the form of a cage and the application of bows in an upright position, which is defined as the leg. In all other regions, a triangular (mesh) loop is used. A National Oya and Dowry Festival is held every year in Balıkesir Gönen to promote this art.

The Yağcıbedir handmade carpet, which dates back to before the Turks accepted Islam, is a type of carpet woven by the nomads, especially in the Sındırgı and Bigadiç villages of Balıkesir, and has motifs of significant cultural value ... 1 cm of the carpet has 30-35 loops. Since the Turkish knot (Double) is tied very firmly in the loop knots, Yağcıbedir handmade carpets, which have a very long life, do not fade because they are dyed with madder. Yağcıbedir draws attention with the dominance of four main colors: navy blue (sky), red (red), dark red (nariç) and white (white).

The most beautiful marbles in the world come from Marmara Island

Turkey Founded removed from the first marble factory owners Marmara Island Marmara Island marble is also among the geographical indication products. Marmara Island marble, also known as Marmara marble and Marmara white, is a type of marble that has given life to the most important structures in both world and Turkish history ... The Selimiye Mosque in Edirne is the Marmara Island, which gives life to many buildings in Ephesus and Troy civilizations Island marble is mined in columns and used in buildings, monuments, interior decoration, carving and ornaments. - Hibya

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