Ministry Announces 91 Party Products of 113 Firms That Imitate and Adulterate

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry continues to protect the health of our citizens and not to let those who imitate and adulte food. In this context, 91 parties of products belonging to a total of 113 companies, which were found to be imitated, adulterated or added drug active ingredients, are available to the public on the website of the Ministry of Food and Control General Directorate. was presented. Information About 91 Firms That Do Imitation and Adulteration FROM HERE  accessible.

Emphasizing that no one will look at the tears when it comes to the health of our citizens, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli recently announced that 91 companies disclosed 113 party products in this context.

Minister Pakdemirli said in his statement;

“In order to ensure food safety in our country, to prevent imitation and adulteration in food, to protect the health and consumer interests of individuals, and to prevent unfair competition in the sector, we carry out official control activities at all stages of the production, processing and distribution of food and food contact materials.

Here zamAs I said at the moment, our most effective supervisory citizen is. In determining the nonconformities in question; In addition to the inspections carried out by our Ministry, it is obvious that the inspections carried out as a result of the notices, complaints, CİMER and Alo 174 Food Line applications made by the consumers also have a large share. In this respect, it is of great importance for our efforts to protect the health of our people, that the consumers continue their applications. As soon as they see an irregularity, I ask our citizens to contact us and convey their complaints via Alo 174 Food Notification Line and 0501 174 0 174 WhatsApp Food Notification Line. "

With the last disclosure, 2012 batches of products belonging to 1.609 companies have been presented to consumers since 3.605, when the first public announcement was made.

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