Recommendations to Strengthen the Immune System

Stating that boiling and consuming plant peels such as lemon, orange and bergamot may be beneficial, Internal Diseases and Nephrology Specialist Prof. Dr. Gülçin Kantarcı underlined that people who are in special groups such as those with chronic diseases and pregnant women should definitely consult their physicians without consuming these products.

Yeditepe University Hospitals Internal Diseases and Nephrology Specialist Prof. Dr. Gülçin Kantarcı supports the immune system not only during the disease period, but also in every zamHe said that the moment should be kept strong and gave information about foods that will help strengthen body resistance.


Underlining the importance of proper nutrition to keep the immune system strong, Prof. Dr. Gülçin Kantarcı said, “It is correct to consume more foods with vitamin C and zinc content. The immune-boosting effects of ginger and turmeric, which are rich in vitamin C, have been scientifically proven. We see that ginger and turmeric are consumed by mixing with honey among the people. It is important to increase green tea consumption. "Green tea is both an antioxidant and a good immune regulator."

Emphasizing that the peels of plants such as lemon, orange and bergamot should be boiled and consumed, Kantarcı said, “There are very strong polyphenols in the peel of the plants. These polyphenols adversely affect the activities of viruses and prevent the virus from entering the cell. Some of these herb peels are lemon, orange, bergamot peels. "If we add a little honey to the drink we will make by boiling these peels for a few minutes, you will have a mixture that will strengthen the donation system."


Pointing out that the use of natural honey is also important in terms of immunity, Kantarcı said: “Honey is one of the most commonly used foods to strengthen immunity. It is important to use natural honey in this process. Also, foods such as carrots, garlic, lemon and arugula that we consume are foods that strengthen immunity and have very high antioxidant effects. Some of these foods have effects that block the entry routes of the virus, and some have direct effects on the virus. "


Yeditepe University Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Kantarcı, who stated that it is necessary to use each food in sufficient amount, said “It is important how often and in what dosage the consumed foods will be used. Ginger, for example, should be consumed to fill a teaspoon. Consumption of ginger with honey or lemon is also important. But above all, the important thing is a balanced and healthy diet. There is no reality saying 'Let me drink two tablespoons of turmeric a day, let me not be infected'. These foods should be consumed at regular intervals. Because foods and herbs can have negative effects as well as positive effects like medicines. For example, ginger is used in high doses in pregnant women. zamcan cause a miscarriage. For this reason, it should not be forgotten that herbal products are supportive and complementary, and the physician should be consulted before use ”.

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