ASELSAN Continues ADOP-2000 Deliveries

The deliveries of ADOP-2000, the systems system created by combining the systems from ASELSAN's fire support product family, continue.

Under the ADOP-2000 Project Second Expansion Agreement, the third delivery first group activity was successfully completed at the facilities of the 2nd Main Maintenance Factory Directorate. In order to prevent the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak from causing a delay on the delivery date, a self-sacrificing work was carried out by all subcontractors, including both ASELSAN personnel and the 2nd Main Maintenance Factory Directorate, and the first group delivery process was completed without any delay due to COVID-19. Within the scope of this delivery, the ADOP-2000 system consisting of sheltered systems, armored personnel carriers and computer sets was delivered to the Land Forces Command, and the Application Environment was installed in the units delivered.

The delivered systems are listed below:

  • Corps Tactical Operations Center Fire Support Staff
  • Brigade Tactical Operations Center Fire Support Staff
  • Artillery Regiment Headquarters
  • Artillery Battalion Headquarters
  • Artillery Regiment Fire Management Center
  • Corps Artillery Regiment Artillery Battalion Fire Management Center (Truck)
  • Brigade Artillery Battalion Fire Management Center
  • Maneuver Battalion Fire Support Coordination Center
  • Bt./Tk. Ateş Management Center
  • Battalion Heavy Mortar Team Fire Management Center
  • Split Mortar Section Fire Management Center
  • Mortar Commander Message Unit
  • Forward Observer Message Unit
  • Application Environment (Classroom)


ADOP-2000 provides automation of command, control and technical fire management functions of target detection, fire support in the battlefield, and implementation of fire support in full harmony with other battlefield functional areas. The commander's appropriate target is appropriate zammake and implement the necessary plans to fire with the appropriate weapon system and appropriate ammunition,zami is a C4I system that allows it to be used effectively.

The ADOP-2000 allows weapons (cannons, mortars and multi-barrel rocket launchers) and target detection radars to be included in the automation of the fire support, while allowing the technical fire management functions to be performed for these weapons. In addition, ADOP-2000 ensures that tasks such as meteorology measurement and topographic ground measurement are performed accurately, precisely and rapidly, and the data obtained are transferred to other systems in digital environment.

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