Ariel and Migros: Share Hope Reach Hearts

Migros, Ariel and Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) joined forces to make tens of thousands of needy people happy with the “Share Hope, Reach Hearts” campaign. During the “Clothes Donation Campaign”, which has become a tradition and took place for the ninth time this year, the clothes collected at Migros Stores will first be washed with Ariel. The clothes that are as clean as new will be delivered to the needy by the Community Volunteers as of December.

This year, the ninth of the clothing donation campaign, which was implemented with Migros and Ariel, is taking place. Tens of thousands of people will be happy with the “Share Hope, Reach Hearts” campaign, which was realized this year within the scope of the “Under the Same Roof, With Hope to Tomorrow” project and with the support of Migros and the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG).

Difficult due to the pandemic that swept the world zamIn these days, clothes of all ages will be collected at Migros Stores during the “Share Hope, Reach Hearts” campaign, which aims to make an important contribution to the tradition of social solidarity and sharing.

The clothes that will be collected at 25 Migros stores in 2020 cities until September 67, 787 will be first separated by age and gender. It will be washed, cleaned and ironed with Ariel. The clothes, which will be prepared as clean as new, will be delivered to the needy by the Community Volunteers with the support of the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) as of December.

Within the scope of the Migros and Ariel garment donation campaign, which first started in 2007, hundreds of thousands of children have received clean clothes washed with Ariel so far. This year's "Share Hope, Reach Hearts" campaign aims to reach tens of thousands of people.

Bring your clothes of all ages you want to share to Migros Stores until September 25, so they can be washed clean with Ariel and reach those in need.

Ariel as a tradition, stating that they experienced the happiness of throwing once again signed the social awareness project, P & G Turkey, the Caucasus and Central Asia CMO and Marketing Vice President of Honor leaves, "we have realized in the past year Clothing Donation Project will reach this year for the ninth time life passing by tens of thousands of people we are happy to be. With the campaign we started with the awareness of the sharing culture that families attach great importance to in our country, we reached thousands of children every year and shared the smiles on their faces. This year, it is very valuable for us to reach needy people of all ages. We will wash, clean, iron the clothes collected in Migros stores, and deliver them to the needy as new, with the support of our project partner Community Volunteers Foundation. We would like to thank our partners Migros, the Community Volunteers Foundation and everyone who did not give up their support during our long-term project ”.

Expressing that Migros has a great ecosystem and that they have successfully maintained the tradition of social solidarity in the project that has been going on since 2010 with this strength, Migros Ticaret A.Ş. FMCG Marketing Director Aysun Zam“The ecosystem of Migros is a very vibrant and vibrant structure, from its manufacturers to its suppliers, from its employees to its customers. this large family spread to Turkey's 81 provinces, but zamnow has very deep-rooted and strong ties. Our customers make us proud by participating extensively in our campaign every year. The scope of our campaign this time has been expanded due to the pandemic we are experiencing. This year we will deliver to Turkey by collecting clothes for the needy not only for children of all ages around our stores. We are confident that our customers will increase their support this year, as they do every year, and contribute to our campaign. We thank all of them in advance ”.

General Manager of Community Volunteers Foundation, Murat Çitilgülü: “As Community Volunteers Foundation; With our belief in the power of youth, we have been supporting youth's projects that produce solutions to social problems for 18 years. Community Volunteers, who carry out projects that touch the lives of thousands of creatures every year, deliver the clothes collected at Migros and cleaned with Ariel, with the “Share Hope, Reach Hearts” project, to children in need. This year is the ninth year of our cooperation. We are happy to take part in such a project in this process, where we once again understand the importance of sharing and solidarity with the Covid-19 pandemic. " said. -

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