Ankara Foundation Works Museum

Ankara Foundation Works Museum or AVEM in short; It is a museum located in Altındağ district of Ankara. It was opened to visitors on 7 May 2007. The supervision of the museum is carried out by the Ethnography Museum Directorate.

Museum building

The museum building, which does not use traditional ornaments and architectural elements and has very simple facades, was built in 1927 in accordance with the understanding of the I. National Architecture Period. It was used as the Law School between 1928-1941, and later served as a dormitory for girls affiliated to Ankara Girls Art School and Higher Education Foundation. Eventually, it was rented by the Ankara Mufti and became the building of this institution until 2004. The building, which was evacuated in April 2004, was bought by the General Directorate of Foundations to be used as a museum, and was restored and opened to visitors as the Ankara Foundation Works Museum.


In Ankara Foundation Works Museum; years Foundations General Directorate tank was kept in Turkey and collected from all regions of carpets and rugs example, candlesticks, purses, Koran-Quran, sultans deed, watches, line plates, tiles, mineral processing and manuscripts are available. Also; 13th century wooden window wings and sermon chairs of Ahi Evran Mosque; The door wings and wooden panels of Divriği Great Mosque are also among the rare works in the museum. Some of the pieces smuggled abroad in previous years were brought back and opened for exhibition here.

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