Ankara Niğde Motorway Toll Fees Have Been Determined

Ankara-Niğde Highway inaugurated by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan zamprovides great advantages in terms of moment and fuel savings. After the opening of the 1st and 3rd sections of the Ankara-Niğde Motorway, the toll fees of the highway were also announced.

A passenger vehicle using the first section of the road with a total length of 330 kilometers will pay 1 TL when it enters the Ankara Haymana Receive Box and leaves the Ankara Şerefli Koçhisar Acıkuyu Box Office.

When the third part of the highway is used, a passenger vehicle entering from Aksaray Alayhan box office will come out of Niğde get booth and the amount it will pay will be 3 TL. The second part of the highway has not yet been opened. If approved, 25,50 TL will be paid for the first class passenger vehicle that leaves the Ankara Landing booth entrance and Niğde front desk.

Ankara-Nigde highway, "Turkey will be the most intelligent way," indicating Karaismailoğlu Transport and Infrastructure Minister, announced that highway infrastructure established with local and national intelligent transportation systems. Karaismailoğlu stated that thanks to the system, the highway can be managed from a single main control center, so that the road safety will be at the highest level, taking into account the importance of the operations to be managed from the intelligent transportation system control center, the server systems will be backed up at two different points and the system software that enables the control of the processes is designed as local and national. .

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