Acute First Aid Site is Online

AKUT Search and Rescue Association continues its awareness raising activities by publishing on the "World First Aid Day", which is celebrated in our country as well as the whole world in order to raise awareness on "First Aid".

After AKUT Istanbul, Ankara is authorized by the Ministry of Health and begins to provide first aid training.

AKUT Search and Rescue Association, which values ​​the right to life of all living things and continues its efforts to create a society that is more prepared and conscious against disasters, continues its awareness-raising activities on the World First Aid Day with its new website  

AKUT launches its website to draw attention to the importance of "World First Aid Day", which is celebrated all over the world on the second Saturday of September every year. The site contains a lot of information from trainings to source documents and videos, applications can be made for first aid training.

In our country, first aid training can be given by centers authorized by the Ministry of Health. AKUT Ankara First Aid Training Center (IYEM) has been added to the centers authorized by the Ministry, following the AKUT Istanbul First Aid Training Center.

Certified Basic First Aid and Update Trainings are provided by expert and authorized trainers at AKUT First Aid Training Centers. Basic First Aid Training takes 16 hours (2 days). At the end of the training, the trainees are entitled to take the theoretical and practical exam held by the Provincial Health Directorate. If they score 85 and above in the exam, they are taken to the practice exam on the same day. Trainees who pass the exam are given a certificate and identity card approved by the Ministry of Health. At the end of 3 years, which is the validity period of the certificates, 8 hours (1 day) of reminder training is updated.

Presence and response of conscious first-aiders at the scene after an emergency in home accidents or traffic accidents It is of great importance to prevent the deterioration of the situation, to make the right first response and even to start the first steps in the chain of saving the lives of the survivors. - Hibya

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