Aksungur UAV Flew for 12 Hours with 28 Missiles

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle AKSUNGUR designed and manufactured by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) flew more than 20.000 day at an altitude of 1 feet for the first time with full ammunition capacity. Continuing to break grounds, AKSUNGUR filled all 6 stations and performed more than 12 day flight missions with 1 MAM-L for the first time.

Drawing attention with its performance in Anka and Aksungur unmanned aerial vehicles in recent years, TUSAŞ continues to work with Aksungur without slowing down. Our national pride Aksungur, whose name has been mentioned frequently by staying in the air for 49 hours in the past days, continues to draw attention not only with the time of staying in the air but also with the other opportunities and capabilities it has.

Aksungur, which can carry out intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and attack missions in all weather conditions day and night with its 750 kg high payload carrying capacity, now flew 12 hours with 28 MAM-L ammunition developed by Roketsan.

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