What is Smart Mask Therapy?

With the end of the holiday, everybody is returning to the city, and naturally, the air pollution increases. We keep our mask on our face while going out in the mornings. Well, how about refreshing your skin when you take off your mask? Make My Day and Call It a Night masks, which work in harmony with the smart mask therapy device UFO and UFO, offered by the Swedish beauty technology brand FOREO, are your biggest assistants in this war.

This autumn is very different from the autumn we have experienced so far… We live in a socially distant, masked season. With the return to the city, the negative effects of the mask on our skin are added to the pollution in the city. Factors such as exhaust, cigarette smoke, dust, ultraviolet rays cause damage to our skin. We also need to purify and refresh our skin when we remove our mask that we do not drop from our face to protect our health all day. Swedish beauty technology brand FOREO also fights you with the make My Day and Call It a Night masks, which work in integration with the smart mask therapy device UFO, in just 90 seconds with the pollution that the city brings to our skin.

Regular Care is a Must for Skin to Maintain Its Beauty

Our skin is the biggest organ of our body and the most important warrior protecting us against external factors… However, many factors our skin is exposed to, our diet, hormonal changes directly affect the health of the skin. Especially for those living in big cities, zamThe air pollution, which increases noticeably in moments, harms our skin as well as our general health. Air pollution, which causes clogging of the pores of the skin, invites problems such as dryness, dull appearance, acne, redness, loss of elasticity as well as eczema and skin allergies. We need regular care to keep our skin looking beautiful, healthy and fresh. It is essential to deeply cleanse the skin with special products in the morning and evening, moisturize it and get help from mask therapies at least twice a week. Not sleeping with make-up, using sunscreen when going out, eating well and drinking plenty of water are among the things that should not be forgotten even when the weather is not sunny.

Start the Day with Mask Care

The Make My Day mask, which works in integration with the smart mask therapy device UFO, challenges the usual mask care. This special mask, which is used at the beginning of the day, protects the skin against external factors with its antioxidant rich red algae and hyaluronic acid content, while meeting the need for moisture and energy. The Make My Day mask, which gives the skin a renewed appearance, works in harmony with UFO and UFO mini devices. The Make My Day mask can be used on all skin types.

It Works While You Sleep

Formulated with olive oil and rejuvenating ginseng, Call It a Night mask removes all the tiredness of the day from your skin for 90 seconds. Call It a Night mask, which creates a silky touch on your skin while refreshing tired skin, deeply nourishes the skin and gives it smoothness and moisture. The Call It a Night mask, which makes a relaxing effect before sleep with its dazzling floral scent, works well with UFO and UFO mini devices. The Call It a Night mask, which is suitable for all skin types, revitalizes your skin by working while you sleep and offers you a much brighter skin tone in the morning.

Make My Day and Call It a Night masks do not contain harmful substances such as paraben, phenoxyethanol, silicone, mineral oils and disodium.

A Brand New Dimension in Mask Care

When the smart mask therapy device UFO is synchronized with the “FOREO For You” application, which can be downloaded to smartphones, it automatically activates the program suitable for the mask used. The device, which carries professional LED light therapies to the comfortable environment of your home, also has the power of Hyper Infusion Technology, which contains the power of thermotherapy, cryotherapy and T-Sonic ™ vibrations. While thermotherapy provides the active ingredients of the mask to your skin, which gradually warms up to 45 degrees, it relaxes your mind, revitalizes your skin and reduces the appearance of pores. Thanks to cryotherapy, it cools your skin up to 5 degrees while reducing swelling on your face, helping active mask ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. UFO Mini, on the other hand, has the same features as the UFO except for cryotherapy. Hibya News Agency

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