Hero Baby: There's Creativity in Baby Food Bottles


Supporting the awareness of recycling in every platform for the protection of nature, Hero Baby from Switzerland inspires families with jar foods this time.

With its 130 years of expertise in baby food, Hero Baby reveals its difference by supporting the recycling of jar foods with the work “There is Creativity in it”. allowing brands to use their creativity Family Hero for jars of baby products designed to share original art from Turkey instagram account. Thanks to the "Creativity Inside" project, it allows you to support the protection of the environment by applying the pleasure of recycling at home.

Support the healthy development of your babies and have fun at home

Focusing on the balanced nutrition of future generations, Hero Baby supports organic agriculture and offers mothers carefully selected fruits and vegetables in jar foods for the healthy development of babies. Supporting the quality nutrition of babies, Hero Baby supports the healthy development of babies thanks to their food and allows mothers to support recycling with its jar.

Emphasizing the nutritious, healthy and fun world of Hero Baby, the project "There is Creativity in it" designs the transformation of jar foods into decorative products, increasing the pleasant moments during the period spent at home. Mothers who customize their recyclable food jars; He designs different objects such as candle holders, snow globe and pencil holder. Hero Baby, which makes the creativity of families enjoyable, guides by sharing the designs in which food jars are transformed into decorative products on its Instagram account.

Hibya News Agency

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