The US and China Have to Cooperate


Former Beijing Ambassador to Beijing Max Baucus stated that the United States has no choice but to cooperate with China.

Max Baucus, who participated in the video conference with the theme "Deciphering the New Normal in China-US Relations" organized yesterday by the General Chamber of Commerce of China (CGCC) in the USA, said that the USA has accelerated the progress made by China in the last decades and its steps towards the rule of law. He stated that he should see his participation in the Trade Organization and his efforts to protect his intellectual property rights.

Noting that the Chinese economy is likely to outpace the US in the future, Baucus said that the US should start cooperating with China instead of putting pressure on China.

According to Baucus, current problems in US-China relations stem mainly from a lack of mutual trust. "There are some people in the US who want to stop China's development, but it's impossible." Using his expression, Baucus called on the two countries to develop cooperation and respect each other, instead of brutally criticizing and fighting.

Jeffrey Sachs, Professor at Columbia University and Global Director of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, stated that China's success is the success of the world and that China has provided great benefits to the world in poverty reduction and advanced technology development.

Professor Sachs added that the opponent of the USA is "a problem on the US side" and that a solution should not be expected by China. - Hibya

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