The era of illegal and fake plate vehicles is coming to an end


Thanks to the developed project, it is aimed to make the work of the security forces easier with the electronic chip plate method. Abdullah Demirbaş, Chairman of the Board of the company on the subject, said, “There is a demand for the system we have developed from many countries such as Italy, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Qatar. continue to attack our country, our local and national technology we will create in its production network in Turkey by exporting these technologies, we want to contribute to the world, '' he said.

Turkey's recent national and brought up frequently in the aim of achieving a high level of domestic technology, continues to attract the attention of investors. While the giant projects carried out bring the goal of indigenization in technology, the developments experienced especially attract the attention of some companies abroad.

Production Address Turkey

France-based company that develops a new system of security in the area of ​​Turkey Zifort IMMATRICULATION, chose Turkey for domestic production technology in order to support the attack. The project's ultimate goal in developing the system in Turkey was reported to be the direction to be exported to the world.

Immediate Response to Vehicles With Leak Or Fake Plate

Sharing his views on the domestic technology developed, Abdullah Demirbaş said, “In our digitalizing world, there are developments in the field of license plates as in every other issue. Chip plates are a kind of digital form of the visual plate. Thanks to the chip plate, fake plates will become history. With this system, which will facilitate the work of the security forces, instant access to the license, inspection and insurance of the vehicle will be provided thanks to the plate with an electronic chip on it. During the passage of the vehicle, thanks to the readers installed, the electronic chip will be read and possible illegal vehicles or vehicles with fake plates will be detected. The plates cannot be read on the existing plates due to reasons such as snow and mud, especially in winter. Thanks to the readers installed with the new technology, the problem of not being able to read the plate will be eliminated. '' - Hibya

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