Passenger Capacity Labels are Placed on Public Transport Vehicles in Ankara


Passenger Capacity Labels are Placed on Public Transport Vehicles in Ankara; Ankara Metropolitan Municipality takes additional measures to reorganize the passenger capacity in public transportation vehicles in order to prevent the increase of Covid-19 cases. The General Directorate of EGO started to put information labels on passenger transport capacities on ANKARAY and Metro wagons, especially EGO buses serving in Başkent.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to take additional measures to reduce the risk of transmission of the coronavirus epidemic.

EGO General Directorate, in line with the decision taken by the Provincial General Hygiene Board, also affixes the floor to public transport vehicles belonging to EGO in order to comply with the social distance rule of at least 1 meter, and also affixes information labels on passenger transport capacities.


Warning labels placed on public transportation vehicles used by the capitals on a daily basis show figures regarding the number of standing and seating passengers.

The General Directorate of EGO, which increases the measures to ensure compliance with the social distance rules, prepares separate labels for the rates determined for vehicles of different models and ages in buses.


A total of 547 warning labels were placed on 101 solo buses and 446 articulated buses in the fleet of 993 vehicles belonging to EGO. Information labels on the 33 wagons serving in ANKARAY continue to be placed on 66 wagons and 324 wagons in the Metro, regarding a total passenger capacity of 648.

Citizens using buses in the capital will be able to sit side by side as much as the seat capacity written on their vehicle licenses, without violating the physical distance rules. With the new arrangement, standing passengers will be transported up to 30 percent of the standing passenger capacity written in the vehicle licenses in buses and 50 percent of the standing passenger capacity in Rail systems (ANKARAY and Metro).

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