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Correct Fault Detection in Cars: As in all technical and mechanical vehicles, also in cars zaman zamIt is inevitable for malfunctions to occur. In order to fix the malfunctions in the shortest way and with the least cost, it is necessary to determine exactly what the malfunction is. When the troubleshooting process is considered as a whole, correct detection of 80 percent of this process; It is possible to say that the remaining part is the solution of the problem. Especially in traditional industrial methods, fault detections made by hand and eye or with simpler machines can be misleading. In this case, unnecessary costs arise by making changes in unnecessary parts. This is a disadvantage for customers as well as for vehicle maintenance and repair services. In addition, the improvements in the technical features of the cars every day make the traditional methods invalid.

Delphi Technologies Diagnostic System

In today's world, which is called the information society, smart detection software is used to fix the malfunctions in vehicles. Among these softwares used for fault detection, fault detection systems developed by Delphi Technologies have a privileged position. Delphi Technologies What makes its product privileged is its wide range of features. This system, which detects the fault in both light and heavy vehicles in a short time by using cables and various hardware, has a vital value for vehicle maintenance and repair stations. Diagnostic system developed by Delphi Technologies, intelligent scanning to identify the fault codes registered in each system, precise scanning to accurately identify and diagnose the vehicle's controller type, built-in detection feature to monitor the changes that occur even when the vehicle is far away, and the log box feature It includes many functions such as recording the performance of the vehicle while it is in motion. In this way, it becomes possible to solve the malfunctions occurring in vehicles more accurately. Delphi Technologies diagnostic system is extremely easy to use and offers continuous use with three simple updates per year.

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