Istanbul University Will Provide Distance Education

In the statement made by the Rectorate of Istanbul University, the progress of the Kovid-19 Global Epidemic process in the university senate and its possible effects on the 2020-2021 academic year fall semester activities, the Statement of the Higher Education Council on August 13, 2020 on the “2020-2021 Education and Training Period in our Higher Education Institutions It was stated that it was evaluated in a multilateral manner, taking into account the elements included in the "New Ordinance Process in the Global Epidemic".

In this context, in the statement that critical factors such as the number of national and inter-country students, mobility, dormitory and accommodation facilities, transportation activities in and out of the city have been brought into the agenda separately, as a result of the evaluations, the global epidemic and the risk of transmission, on the other hand, infected at least to continue to increase activities for reducing meat in Turkey, where contribute to reducing the spread and students, academic and administrative workers with endangering the general public wellbeing name of 2020-2021 of academic year in the fall semester was noted that the land be taken:

“Apart from the practical and clinical practice courses of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy and the State Conservatory with face-to-face facilities by taking the necessary health measures, it has been decided that all academic units in our university undergraduate and undergraduate courses, practice and exam activities will be carried out with digital facilities and distance education systems.

Considering the large number of students, it has been decided that non-thesis graduate programs will be maintained with digital facilities and distance education techniques, and that the master's and doctoral programs with thesis can be continued with face-to-face education, depending on the situation where necessary measures can be taken within the scope of the global epidemic.

The courses to be held with digital facilities and distance education methods will be carried out with both synchronous (online, live course) and asynchronous (teaching material in eight content types to be uploaded to İÜÖYS) within the framework of the program and course hours announced by the academic units. "

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