How Teachers Do Distance Education Around the World?

The Cambridge Live Experience digital conference, where English teachers can attend free of charge, is held between 8, 9 and 10 September. Organized by Cambridge Assessment English and Cambridge University Press ELT, the digital conference aims to help teachers prepare for the new academic year conditions that have never been experienced before. The 3-day digital conference hosts more than 30 speakers and more than 50 presentations and sessions in total.

Cambridge Live Experiencedigital conference, where live sessions will be held from the UK, Australia, Italy, Thailand, China, Mexico, UAE, Japan, Brazil and Argentina, includes over 25 expert presentations and 10 inspiring sessions, interactive talks with experts.

By bringing together the world's leading English language education and exam experts, we will focus on a number of different themes, including re-adapting to the physical classroom environment, distance education, social distancing education system, understanding students' levels and providing psychological support to teachers, students and parents in this process. makes presentations. In addition to all these, the event also includes a range of awareness presentations such as cooking classes and healthy thinking techniques.

Cambridge Assessment İngilizce Turkey Country Director Mehmet Booming "This year teachers, like never seen before in case of struggling with some difficulties. Teachers around the world had to switch to distance education overnight and adapt extremely quickly to new educational conditions. As Cambridge, we want to help teachers prepare for new educational conditions by organizing this event. Many teachers had to adapt to a new system by combining distance education and physical classroom environment, and it is our top priority for teachers to adapt quickly to these conditions and continue education without interruption. In this sense, our event will create a good opportunity to exchange information about the education system we are in and to share useful tips ”. In addition, participating teachers will be given a certificate of attendance for the main presentations. - Hibya News Agency

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