Drink 1 Glass of Water After Eating Figs


Fig, which is one of the sweet or sweet fruits of the summer and provides many benefits to our health as well as delicious, is now experiencing its last brews ... Stating that we should definitely include fig, which is rich in antioxidants, in our diet, “On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that a medium fig is about 35-40 calories and portion control should not be left behind. Two figs replace one serving. "Because of the high sugar content, diabetic patients should be cautious and should not consume more than one or two a day." Nutrition and Diet Expert Melike Şeyma Deniz explained the benefits of figs and gave a healthy fig dessert recipe.

Helps balance blood pressure

Sodium and potassium are two important minerals for blood pressure balance. Especially in those who consume less vegetable and fruit group foods, eat ready meals frequently and add salt without tasting the food, while the sodium amount increases, potassium deficiencies can be seen. Feeding in this way can cause hypertension, in other words high blood pressure. Fig, rich in potassium, helps balance blood pressure.

Supporter of those who want to lose weight

Daily consumption of 25-30 grams of pulp provides many benefits from blood pressure to blood sugar, from regular functioning of the intestines to appetite control. The fact that fig is rich in pulp helps to see all these effects. Thanks to being sweet or sweet too zaman zamIt is a remedy for the sweet cravings experienced at the moment. 

Useful for digestive system

Figs are an extremely effective food source for the solution of intestinal laziness caused by low daily pulp consumption, inactivity and drinking little water. Thanks to its high pulp content, figs keep the intestines working well. Do not forget to drink a glass of water after eating figs. Because a glass of water you drink after the fig makes your intestines work much more effectively.


While purple colored fruits and vegetables are rich in antisionine, a type of antioxidant known to protect against cell damage; In addition to being delicious, figs increase collagen production and affect skin health thanks to its rich antisionine content. Thus, its anti-aging effect also appears.

Fighter against breast and colon cancer

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Melike Şeyma Deniz “Thanks to the various antioxidants, minerals such as potassium and calcium it contains, figs, which strengthen immunity, provide benefits in protection from cancer. It is known that excessive estrogen hormone in the body can cause breast cancer in women. Figs help eliminate this effect. In addition, we can say that it is protective against colon cancer as it contributes to the rapid removal of waste in the body thanks to the fiber it contains.

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Melike Şeyma Deniz “The difference between fresh and dried fruits is the amount of water they contain. While fresh fruits contain 80-90 percent water, this rate is around 15-20 percent in dried fruits. When the water rate decreases in dried fruits, fruit sugar becomes more important. Both fresh and dried fruits are rich in pulp and antioxidants, they can be consumed either way, but consuming fresh while in season should be the first choice in terms of water and fruit sugar balance, ”he says. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Melike Şeyma Deniz gave two dessert recipes that you can prepare with fresh and dried figs that can suppress your sweet desire.

2 delicious dessert recipes

Fig sleep

Soak 7-8 dried figs in hot milk. Cut the softened figs into cubes. Heat 2-2,5 cups of milk in another pot. Add the figs that you soften and cut into cubes into the milk and pass through a blender. Divide it into bowls and let stand for about 1 hour at room temperature. Then take it to the fridge. Your dessert with two ingredients and without sugar is ready.

Fig bowl

Add 1 tablespoons of oatmeal into 3 bowl of yogurt and mix. Slice 2 figs on it, add 1 teaspoon of peanut butter. Garnish with cinnamon. You can think of the fig bowl as a practical snack for your sweet cravings. - Hibya News Agency

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