Groupama: Winning App “High Five”


Making a name for itself with its applications and advertisements for digital platforms, Groupama Sigorta invites everyone to test their knowledge and win surprise gifts with its new application “Cak Beşlik”.

It is possible to earn surprise gifts by spending only five minutes a week at High Five, a live quiz show. The High Five quiz, which can be downloaded free of charge from Apple Store and Google Play Store platforms, starts on Monday, September 7 at 20.00:XNUMX.

Groupama Sigorta has developed a new live quiz that can be downloaded and played via a mobile application. In the quiz called "High Five", the participants will be asked 10 questions each week on Monday and Wednesday and the winner will be announced on Fridays. The contestant who gives the most correct answers to 20 questions in the shortest time per week will receive valuable surprise gifts. 

Everyone will be able to participate in the High Five Competition, which can be played on a mobile application and aims to bring people together on a common platform, whether they are a Groupama customer or not. Those who download the Fast Five application free of charge from the Apple Store and Google Play Store will participate in the live quiz that will start every Monday and Wednesday at 20.00:XNUMX, and try to be the first by giving the fastest correct answers to the questions.

In the High Fives competition, where each competition will also include a bonus question about Groupama Insurance, those who answer this question correctly will earn double the points. Tips on the bonus question will be announced on the official Instagram account of Groupama Insurance throughout the week.

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