5. Mermaid Women's Sailing Cup Begins


In Turkey, being the first national sailing race for women "Mermaid National Women's Sailing Cup", held for the fifth time this year, winning international qualifications. Sailing Federation under the auspices of Turkey, Istanbul Fenerbahce-Island Sailing Club with the cooperation of Caddebostan which will be held at the track 5. Mermaid Women's Sailing Cup begins.

We stopped in March 2020 due to the pandemic with Turkey Sailing Federation regattas approval began on August 15. The 3th Mermaid Women's Sailing Cup, which was planned for 5 days in September, went down to one day according to the calendar reorganized by TYF and entered the TYF calendar as September 5, 2020.

Increasing women's interest in sailing, supporting women's sailing in our country, providing opportunities to train new athletes, motivating women sailors and contributing to non-governmental organizations that carry out social responsibility activities for women with the earned income with the "Mermaid Women's Sailing Cup", which has attracted great attention since its inception. is aimed to be provided.

This year, by gaining an international character and added to the ISF (International Sailing Federation) Race Calendar, the Cup is also aimed at contributing to the human resources and internal communication activities of institutions by improving the ability of women in business life to be a team, achieve goals, cope with difficult conditions and integrate with nature. .

This year, the Mermaid Women's Sailing Cup was attended by Borusan Holding, Eker, Eti, Pegasus Hedef Yelken, Bahçeşehir University, Team Ladies First, MSI Sailing Team, Sahibinden.com, Akpa Chemicals, IYK Blue Wings, Alize Women's Sailing Team, Women Sailing Team Sport Corporate and individual women's sailing teams such as the Club Association Sailing Team, Cup Girls, Özay Sailing Team, Naval Academy and the White Angels Sailing Team, which consists of Russian Women Sailing Team, participate.

Mermaid Women's Sailing Cup womantv that the media sponsor this year on behalf of our valued admiral disarming shipping to Turkey as it was last year, will give a special award to the participating teams. This year, the award will be presented on behalf of former Naval Forces Commander Admiral Özden Örnek, whom we lost in the past years. - Hibya News Agency

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